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Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

When you love playing basketball, finding the right gear like the perfect pair of shorts or great pair of socks is definitely important. When you are a basketball player with flat feet, there’s probably no more important purchase than getting just the right basketball shoes for flat feet.

Best Basketball Shoes for Flat Feet

At FastBreakPlay we have poured through tons of different shoes to find some great choices for basketball players with flat feet.

Our top 3 basketball shoes for flat feet

The most popular: adidas Unisex-Adult D.o.n. Issue 2 Indoor Court Shoe

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adidas has built these basketball shoes for flat feet specifically for great performance on the court. It offers a forgiving rubber sole that is great for those who have issues with their feet.

The construction of these good basketball shoes for flat feet is 100% synthetic which means that the shoes will be comfortable, breathable, and endlessly durable. These shoes offer a great tapered fit that creates amazing arch support for those with flat feet.

One client that bought the shoes for their daughter commented that “My daughter loves these shoes!” These shoes are available to you at a price of around $75.

A very high-end basketball shoe for flat feet: Nike Men’s Basketball Shoes

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There may be no brand that is more synonymous with great basketball gear than Nike. These basketball shoes for flat feet offer mesh construction for great breathability and a rubber sole that offers a forgiving feel for those with flat feet.

Inside these best basketball shoes for wide flat feet, you will find a Nike Air unit that helps to cushion hard landings especially for those who need more arch support. In addition, the midfoot webbing system will help lock your arches in place for great support during play.

One of our clients that owns these shoes commented that “The floor support is great.” You can be wearing these great shoes during your next game for a price of only around $95.

An economical choice: Under Armour Men’s Lockdown 4 Basketball Shoe

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For people that like to play basketball but have flat feet, getting a great basketball shoe does not need to cost a fortune. These best shoes for flat feet for basketball offer a molded synthetic upper that gives players a fast look and a responsive fit.

With their perforated leather design, you can expect great breathability during gameplay. The shoes are lightweight and their very breathable sock liner gives great cushion and support under your foot.

One client that uses the shoes commented, “Lovin the comfort and brand.” You could be using these shoes yourself for a price of a new around $65.

What to look for in basketball shoes for flat feet

Trying to find good basketball shoes for flat feet means looking for specific things in a shoe. You obviously are going to need great support through your arches but you also need a shoe that is well-built throughout the shoe. Here are a couple of tips we can offer when looking for your next pair of basketball shoes.


Even more than other basketball players, those that want to play basketball but suffer from flat feet really need a great fit in their shoe especially through the midsection of the shoe near their arch. Because those who tend to suffer from flat feet have very little arch stability to begin with they need a shoe that is really going to hold their arches up especially during rigorous play.

It is also pretty common that those with flat feet should look for a narrower shoe to make sure their feet cannot move side to side. This is especially important for those with flat feet because any movement is going to exacerbate their problem.


While having comfortable and soft top basketball shoes for flat feet is great for everyone, for basketball players with flat feet it is an absolute must. Because these players are already dealing with something that is a bit of a disadvantage because of a lack of built-in support in their feet, they need something that is going to cushion the blow of a hard day of basketball.

When looking for basketball shoes for flat feet pay special attention to the type of liner that the shoe offers. You want something that will offer an equal measure of support and cushion to keep your foot in the proper position and do a great job of cushioning the area around your arch that can sometimes be the weak point in your play.

Why trust us

At FastBreakPlay our certified physical therapist Ignacio Suárez has spent a lifetime researching just this type of athletic gear. He not only looks for gear that is going to offer tremendous performance to athletes but is also going to minimize the risk of injury especially for athletes that have specific issues such as flat feet. That is why we are so uniquely qualified to offer you some great choices for basketball shoes for those with flat feet.

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