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Best Basketball Shorts

Finding a great pair of basketball shorts is just as important to your game as finding the right shoes or the right basketball wristbands. You not only want to look good on the court, but you also want the best performance possible.

Best Basketball Shorts

At FastBreakPlay we have looked through a number of great men’s basketball shorts and found some terrific options, one of which is sure to be great for your needs.

Our top 3 best basketball shorts

The most popular: Champion Men’s Long Mesh Short with Pockets

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These 100% polyester basketball shorts are great machine-washable shorts that you can use time and time again. Made from breathable and lightweight mesh fabric they offer great ventilation during play.

The basketball shorts for men offer an internal quick cord that lets you adjust them to just the right size quickly and easily. They also offer two side pockets to hold valuable possessions while you play.

One client that owns the shorts commented simply that these shorts were “Good shorts at a cheap price.” At a price point of around $20, these shorts are pretty hard to beat.

A high-end basketball short: Liberty Imports 5-pack Men’s Athletic Basketball Shorts

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One of the best things about these basketball shorts is that they offer a fuller cut that puts them next to the skin without feeling the squeeze of a typical short. These come with a 10-inch inseam meaning they are going to drape nicely over your leg with a straight hem.

The micro-mesh fabric and their sweat-wicking technology will keep you comfortable and dry during even the most heated game. They offer deep mesh pockets to give you great storage for your essentials.

One client who owns these shorts made the comment that “I gave these a five-star rating because nothing is wrong with them.” At a price point of around $40 for a package of five shorts, these are a great value in a well-made short.

A great economy basketball short: Amazon Essentials Men’s 2-Pack Loose-Fit Performance Shorts

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These shorts from Amazon are a great basic choice. Their construction is 100% polyester and they offer a drawstring closure for a secure fit.

You can machine wash the shorts and they are quite roomy through the hip, the thigh, and the leg. Their lightweight material and moisture-wicking technology make the short very breathable during any game.

One client that owns these shorts commented that “They’re comfortable and soft.” At a price point of around $19, these are a great pair of shorts at a bargain price.

What to look for in basketball shorts

While to the casual observer basketball shorts can all look about the same there are some specific features that you should look for in your next pair of shorts. Here are a couple of the most important features we think you should consider when finding your next pair.


Back in the day, it was not uncommon to have shorts that were not only snug but we are also short on the leg. Today’s long basketball shorts have a much looser and longer feel.

With that said, it is still important to consult a sizing chart for the shorts you are considering to make sure they do not hang too far down on your leg below your knee as that can make for an uncomfortable fit during gameplay.


Because you are often going to be using basketball shorts and then throwing them in the washing machine right afterward you want to make sure that you own a pair of shorts that is going to last beyond just a couple of games. Pay special attention to reviews of the shorts you are considering to see how well they hold up over time.

While most shorts have similar materials in their construction, things like pocket strength and the quality of the drawstring can have a profound impact on the lifespan of the shorts.

Price per unit

One thing that can get confusing when shopping for shorts is how much you are paying for each pair of shorts. Sometimes you will buy just one pair of shorts but there are other times where what is being offered is a package of shorts.

As you shop online pay close attention to this so you have a good idea of what you were paying for each pair of shorts you are buying.

Why trust us

We here at FastBreakPlay have our certified physical therapist Ignacio Suárez sort through a huge number of shorts to find just the right equipment for you. He does this not only to maximize physical performance but also to minimize injury. That is what makes us ideally suited to recommend these great shorts for you.

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