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Best Cheap Kayak

When you are looking for the best cheap kayak you can find great choices without breaking the bank. Just as when you are looking for a great oar or paddle, there are plenty of kayak options that are both high quality and affordable.

Best Cheap Kayak

At FastBreakPlay we sort through all of the choices to help you find some great options that are sure to fit any budget.

The most popular cheap kayak

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One of the best things about this kayak is that anyone will find it comfortable. This is because it includes an adjustable inflatable seat that offers a backrest.

The kayak comes with a removable skeg to increase directional stability. The bright yellow color of this kayak is great to help with visibility in the water in case of an emergency.

One very experienced kayaker commented that even though this was his first inflatable raft purchase, it’s “turned out to be a great purchase”. At a price of around $170, this amazing kayak is certainly hard to beat.

A great cheap kayak for kids

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There are plenty of folks that love to kayak with the whole family so they need a cheap kayak for the kids as well. This kayak is perfect for any child that is over five years old.

It comes with finger handles built into the kayak that make it easy to transport. At 18 pounds it is easy to maneuver on the land and in the water. It comes with a swim-up step that makes it easy to get back in the kayak from the water.

One buyer of this kayak said that they “bought this for my 7-year-old daughter and she absolutely loves it.” At a price of $200, this is a great way for kids to get started kayaking.

A cheap one-person kayak

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If you are looking for an amazing kayak for solo travelers this is a great option. The makers of this kayak say that it could be set up in five minutes. It also offers a backpack system that lets you not only carry the kayak but then turns into a seat.

Made of 21 gauge PVC construction, it is very rugged and durable. The tarpaulin bottom provides great puncture protection.

One of the owners of this kayak commented that “I put 9 miles on it, and can honestly say it’s a great purchase.” At a price point of around $160, this makes a great cheap kayak for a solo kayaker and is also a great cheap fishing kayak.

What to look for in a cheap kayak

Even though you are not going to break the bank when you buy one of these cheap kayaks, there are still some basic features you should keep in mind.

Sit in or on

A sit-on kayak is just as it sounds. You sit on top of the kayak much as if you are sitting on something like a surfboard. They are easy to get into and out of but bear in mind they are much better for warm climates because you will get splashed quite a bit in a kayak like this.

These cheap kayaks are also self-bailing because they will have scupper holes allowing water to drain right through. These make a great beginning kayak.

A sit-in kayak is what most people think of as a traditional good cheap kayak. They will offer shelter from water and wind plus you can add a spray skirt that will cover your legs and waist.

Because a sit-in kayak has a lower center of gravity it is going to be easier to paddle and maneuver. A sit-in kayak will also offer more storage space during their use.

Hull shape

The shape of the hull of your kayak can have a lot to do with the stability and performance of the kayak. Two things to keep in mind when considering stability are both primary stability and secondary stability. The primary stability is how stable it is when you are getting into the boat. The secondary stability is how stable it will be once you are paddling.

A flat hull is going to offer a lot of stability when getting into and out of the kayak but may be less maneuverable. This is a great kayak for beginners, especially in very calm water conditions.

A rounded hull is going to be a lot more maneuverable and speedy when you are paddling but can be a little tougher for beginners to get into and out of.

Probably the quickest kayak is going to be a v-hull that is going to cut through the water quickly and make for great long-distance kayaking. Bear in mind that these kayaks can be the toughest to get into and out of especially for beginners.

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