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Best Cycling Gloves

When you’re looking for the best cycling gloves for any type of use, from winter to summer, on the road or on the trail, this is the place where you’re most likely to find exactly what you need.

Best Cycling Gloves

We’ve researched expert reviews and buyers’ comments alike, using online shopping outlets, social media and Internet user forums to find the most appropriate and suitable gloves for your preferred cycling activities.

We also consult with our resident physiotherapist for an even more in-depth opinion. Once we’ve done all of this legwork, we search the online shops to find the best deals and bring you our top recommendations.

FastBreakPlay is thus your one-stop-shop to point you in the direction of exactly the right cycling gloves for your specific riding activities. We also give you expert advice on what to look for when choosing reliable and supportive gloves that will give you the most ergonomic benefits.

We can also point you in the right direction when it comes to all other manner of cycling clothing and gear, from heated cycling gloves to cycling shoes, skin-tight cycling shorts and replacement saddles. Have a look at the selections we’ve made for you below and power up your cycling sessions with a pair of affordable, yet high performance gloves.

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Best overall choice

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For a reliable and versatile pair of gloves we can recommend Speecle Full Finger Cycling Gloves. They’re made from ultra-breathable elastic mesh materials with reinforced pads so you can comfortably wear them in summer and winter.

Useful towelling cloth thumbs allow you to wipe sweat away easily, and they also have high-response touch materials so you can use touch-screens. These also make an excellent buy when you’re looking for the best winter cycling gloves to get. Described by one reviewer as: “Perfect. Kept my hands warm and not high cost”, you can buy them for around $15.

Most affordable

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If you’re looking for the best road cycling gloves you can get without spending too much, MOREOK Cycling Gloves will fit the bill very nicely indeed. They retail at about $10 and are designed as multi-purpose gloves, so you’ll get a lot of mileage out of them, no matter what type of cycling you’re into. They’re summed up by one reviewer as, “Nicely made, seems durable, and very comfortable.”

These cycling gloves have gel shock pads to cushion your palms, and are made from a mesh material with sweat-wicking properties. Highly absorbent terrycloth pads also aid in keeping your hands fresh and dry.

Most popular

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The most popular road cycling gloves with cyclists are LuxoBike Cycling Gloves, which you can pick up for just over $16. They are made from a combination of spandex and suede, to give high levels for finger flexibility and comfort, plus plenty of durability.

These cycling gloves are very good at relieving hand fatigue, by dampening road vibration with 4-zone shock absorption pads. According to one review they make a “dramatic difference to cramping, numbness and fatigue, and were instantly comfortable.”

What to look for in cycling gloves

Flexible fit

The most important thing to look for in both men’s and women’s cycling gloves is the correct fit. Look for ones that offer the snuggest fit without inhibiting movement. Spandex and mesh combinations make good choices for this.

You need to take weight into account when you’re looking for the right fit as well, so make sure that the additional palm padding doesn’t cause the cycling gloves to move around on your hands when you’re adjusting your handlebar grip.


You’ll find different types of palm padding, depending on the type of women’s or men’s cycling gloves you’re shopping for. They can range from minimal padding on the more professional grade pairs, to gel padded gloves for casual riders to ride comfortably for hours.

The most supportive cycling gloves have pads at the heel of your palm and smaller ones in the middle to relieve pressure on the nerves as they’re squeezed between the handlebars and your finger bones.

Finger length

Finger length can make all the difference to riding comfort, especially when it comes to winter cycling gloves when you’ll want all the wind insulation you can get. For this reason you can get gloves that either have long fingers or are half-finger designs.

Whether you’re shopping in the cycling glove men’s or women’s department of an online store, this will always be the first choice to make. Many riders prefer long fingers in all seasons for the extra protection, while other like the half-finger flexibility all year round.

Why trust us

We consult with one of the leading physiotherapists and postural re-education specialists when we make our recommendations. Ignacio Suárez is an expert in the field of sports technology, and helps us to ensure that all our selections promote long-term sporting health.

His advice is to pay most attention to the way the gloves prevent numbness and fatigue. If ignored, these can lead to repetitive strain injuries.

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