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Best Football Cleats for Running Backs

For top running backs, the cleats they choose have a much greater impact on their performance than their choice of helmet or shoulder pads. The problem is often trying to sift through all the choices out there to find the best football cleats for running backs.

Best Football Cleats for Running Backs

At FastBreakPlay we have looked through a whole host of football cleats for running backs. We have put together a few choices and one of these is sure to meet the needs of any football running back.

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The most popular football cleats for running backs

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With a top-quality name like Nike, it is easy to see why these football cleats for running backs are so popular. This cleat offers a carbon fiber plate and knit bootie construction to offer maximum performance.

The upper shell of the cleat offers a mesh and synthetic skin meaning the cleat is very lightweight. The one-piece boot creates a feeling that the boot is wrapping perfectly around your foot.

The 14 included cleats offer strength and traction that will keep you moving and cutting with stability and confidence. In fact, one client commented that these cleats “fit like a glove.” At a price of around $180, it is easy to see why these are such a popular choice.

The top-of-the-line football cleat for running backs

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From another top football gear producer, this football cleat for running backs from Adidas offers a spring frame plate and a reinforced heel to give running backs great traction and amazing feel.

The mesh upper with TPU overlays give running backs both reliability and durability for a long-lasting and comfortable feel. The X anniversary prism edition cleats offer a distinctive gold look that is sure to catch fans’ attention.

At a price point of only around $140, these cleats offer amazing performance at a very reasonable price and this makes them one of the best football cleats for running backs you can find. One buyer commented that they could not believe the “incredibly lightweight construction of these amazing cleats.”

The most affordable football cleats for running backs

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At a price of just around $33, you may think you would be getting football cleats that offered very little performance but nothing could be further from the truth. These cleats have ultra-soft leather to provide amazing comfort.

The soles have high purity TPU that offers great comfort and long-lasting performance. There is great arch support built into this cleat that keeps your feet and ankles in the optimum position for maximum performance.

One of the owners of this cleat said that these cleats are “engineered for scorers”. When you combine the high performance and the very low cost these good football cleats for running backs are hard to beat.

What to look for in football cleats for running backs

With so many different options available in football cleats for running backs, it can be hard to know which features you should be looking for. Here’s a helpful guide to a couple of the most important factors to consider when looking for the best football cleats for running backs.

The cut of the cleats

Football cleats for running backs come in three different cuts: low, mid, and high. Low-cut cleats have tops that sit below the ankle and the lack of a top that extends onto the ankle can add to the maneuverability of the cleat. A mid-cut comes about halfway up the ankle and offers ankle support without losing too much mobility or flexibility. High-cut cleats come up the ankle offering the most support but the least amount of flexibility. In general, running backs will want to stick with low-cut cleats or maybe use a mid-cut if they feel they need extra support.

Molded or detachable cleats

Molded cleats are attached to the bottom of the shoe and do not need to be changed out. These offer good performance with a lot less need to maintain them than detachable cleats. If you generally play on the same type of surface very often these are a great choice. Detachable cleats have studs that you can change out based on wear and also the type of field you will be playing on. If you find the studs on your cleats wear out very easily or you are playing on several different surfaces, a detachable cleat is a much better choice.

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