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Best Football Cleats for Wide Receiver

When you play a position that demands the speed and precise cutting of a wide receiver you need a pair of great football receiver cleats to help you maximize your potential. Just as a pair of great football receiver gloves help you catch the ball, a great pair of cleats is going to get you to the right spot to make the catch.

Best Football Cleats for Wide Receiver

At FastBreakPlay we have searched through many football cleats for receivers to find a couple of great examples of cleats that will help any receiver achieve their performance goals.

The most popular football cleats for wide receivers

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Athletes around the world in several different sports know that the name adidas means high quality and high performance. These football receiver cleats offer a synthetic sole for long-lasting performance.

The upper of the cleat is soft and forgiving and it has a tongue and heel that pulls on for easy entry and a comfortable fit. The cleated outsole offers an enhanced grip so you can stop and go at will.

One customer of these cleats commented that his son “didn’t want to get rid of his last pair even though they were too small because he loves these cleats a lot.” You can have these gray cleats at a price of around $65.

A very high-end football cleat for wide receivers

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These football receiver cleats that are hand-made offer a synthetic sole as well as a combination of a coated textile with synthetics that have a strategic placement to create a support cage that offers great ventilation, comfort, and stability.

The tongue of the cleat is open-holed to give great breathability and the molded toe cap gives increase durability and protection during use.

One buyer of these cleats said that they are “Made for speed!”. The price point for these cleats is around $85 and it is hard not to think that they are the best football cleats for a wide receiver.

A very budget-friendly football cleat for wide receivers

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For those that subscribe to the theory that it is the athlete that makes the shoe and not the other way around here is a great choice of wide receiver football cleat. These cleats offer a thermal plastic polyurethane sole that also includes synthetics to create a lightweight, comfortable, and soft design.

These cleats include cushioned insoles to add comfort and their premium DP combination upper provides maximum durability and comfort during use.

A buyer of these receiver football cleats commented that “My 11-year-old wore these for a whole season. We had no issues and they are still staying together good enough.” At a price point of around $35, these cleats are hard to beat.

What to look for in football cleats for wide receivers

All football receiver cleats are not made the same. As a wide receiver, there are specific things you are going to want to look for in your next pair of football cleats. Here are a couple of important points to consider when looking for your next pair of cleats.

Flexible fit

Unlike linemen who need a cleat that is going to provide rigid support for battles in the trenches, football cleats for a wide receiver need to give athletes a lot of flexibility for great acceleration and quick cuts.

Because of that, it is important to make sure you understand the build of a football receiver cleat so that it offers good comfort, good support in the sole, but also gives your foot and ankle enough flexibility to maneuver properly.


There is probably nothing worse than running miles and miles in football cleats for a wide receiver with soaking feet. Because how your feet work is so important for a wide receiver, you want to make sure that whatever cleat you use it’s going to have great ventilation to keep your feet dry during use.

Cleat type

Pay special attention to the design and length of the cleats that you plan to use. It is important to understand the types of conditions you will be playing in and then match your cleat to those conditions.

It is not at all uncommon to have wide receiver cleats for football that offer treads that you can change out depending on the type of conditions he will be playing it. While these cleats can cost a little bit more, they may be well worth it if you know you will be playing in a variety of conditions during football season.

Why trust us

At FastBreakPlay our certified physical therapist, Ignacio Suárez, has spent an entire career putting athletes in great equipment. He does this not just to give them the best performance, but also to make sure that their bodies can stand up over a long career. That is why we are uniquely positioned to offer you some great advice about football cleats for receivers.

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