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Best and Safest Football Helmet to Prevent Concussions

If you’re struggling to decide which new football helmet to purchase, don’t stress, as FastBreakPlay is here to help.

Best and Safest Football Helmet to Prevent Concussions

By putting together our buyer-friendly guides and including important information like customer reviews, reports, and ratings, we make it easy for you to decide which product is best for you. Our most recent guide can be found below and has some of the most popular football helmets that are on the market.

Hoping to buy some other football accessories as well? We can help you with that, too. Whether you’re looking for a new pair of cleats or football gloves, we have some products in mind that are certain to fit your preferences. You can focus on training and preparing for the upcoming season while we do all of the work on your behalf.

Our top pick

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Considered to be one of the best products in the Virginia Tech Helmet Ratings, the Riddell SpeedFlex has Patented Side Impact Protection (PISP) to help reduce force that comes from impacts to the side. The facemask and clip use PISP as well, making it one of the safest products available for purchase.

Its shell is made of polycarbonate material, providing you with even more protection. You can choose from a selection of different colors and sizes, making it easy to find the perfect one for you.

Customers are raving about this adult football helmet, and a reviewer even said it “introduces several features that allow you to reach your peak performance while still being as safe as possible”. This football helmet can be yours for around $400.

Best cheap football helmet

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The Schutt Vengeance Pro is a great option for those that want a high quality product without having to break the bank. This black football helmet is specifically built for varsity athletes and includes the latest generation of TPU Cushioning, offering compression that will protect you from both high and low impact hits.

Interlink jaw pads will help to keep you comfortable, while the SUREFIT Air Liner will give you maximum security. The entire football helmet is made from lightweight materials like polycarbonate, ensuring that it is as lightweight as possible.

This budget-friendly choice is a great option for all kinds of football players. Many customers say that they find the helmet to be “very comfortable” and “love the cushioning”. If you buy this product, you’ll typically pay at least $80.

Most popular football helmet

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Customers have been raving about the Xenith Youth X2E+ Football Helmet with Mask, a reliable option that is a great choice for college players. This football helmet offers Adaptive Head Protection, which is designed to give you a custom fit and protect your head from any impacts.

The ABS plastic shell Shock suspension system means that the helmet and shell can move independently and absorb shocks, giving you an optimal response. This model also has a FitBand: Silicon band, which means it can mold to your head for an instant and comfortable fit.

Many clients think that this is the best football helmet for college students that are serious players. Reviewers have said that it is the “most comfortable and secure” helmet that they have ever used. If you purchase this model, plan on paying around $200.

What to look for in a football helmet

To find the best football helmet for you, it’s important to keep a few characteristics in mind while shopping around, a few of which we have detailed below.


You will first want to decide which type of football helmet you would like to purchase. For example, youth models are often best for anyone that is playing up until the college level, whereas adult models may be better suited for older, serious players.


Make sure that your football helmet is the proper size for your head by taking measurements before you purchase your product of choice. If your helmet is too tight, this can cause discomfort and even decrease circulation, while if it’s too large, it may not provide you with the proper protection that you need.


Many helmets are made out of lightweight materials like polycarbonate, which are often best as they will not weigh you down but will still protect you from both light and heavy impacts. Try to purchase a football helmet that is made out of strong material without weighing too much.

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Ignacio Suárez has dedicated his successful career to helping athletes reach their physical peaks and overcome any injuries that might be hindering their performance. To keep you as safely as possible while on the field, he recommends that you select a football helmet that provides you with ample protection and properly fits your head.

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