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Best Football Lineman Gloves

Beyond finding the right cleats, the right shoulder pads, and the right helmet, one of the most important things a football lineman can find are just the right gloves. Linemen need great gloves for those in-close battles along the line of scrimmage.

Best Football Lineman Gloves

At FastBreakPlay we have taken a look at a whole host of lineman gloves and can give you some great options for finding just the right gloves for you.

A very popular glove for linemen

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One of the great features of these football lineman gloves is that their design offers an anatomical fit along the back of your hand providing padding and full flexibility plus maximum coverage of your hand. They offer padding in the palms to increase your leverage while you are blocking.

The extra-wide neoprene brace strap gives you both a comfortable and supported fit. One buyer of these lineman football gloves commented that their child used the gloves and they have “held up well, 3/4 of the way through the season and still in great shape.” Coming in at a price point of around $35 these make a great glove for linemen.

A top quality glove for linemen

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Almost every athlete knows the quality that comes with a name like Adidas. Their careful design offers linemen the flexibility, comfort, and grip they will need for every game.

These gloves feature Grip Track which is a very unique treatment on the palm that will provide unparalleled grip and performance in all weather conditions. The multi-directional fabric of these lineman gloves fit well to the structure of your hand giving you a great range of motion.

One of the buyers of these lineman gloves for football commented that “They have a sticky pad on the palm which was nice for grip.” With a price of around $45, it is easy to see why these are such a popular, high-end lineman glove.

A great economy lineman glove

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There are plenty of linemen that will say you do not need to break the bank to get a great pair of gloves. These lineman gloves tell that story perfectly because they offer palms with padding to resist vibration as well as soft and flexible TPR protection from impact for the hand both front and back.

The injection-molded rubber tab with a hook and loop will deliver linemen a secure and adjustable fit during use. One of the buyers of this offensive lineman glove commented on their comfort during play by saying “these gloves aren’t hot, if they were I’d know because I live in Texas.”

At a price of around $28 these cheap lineman gloves are hard to beat.

What to look for in lineman gloves

While it is easy to say that you want a defensive lineman glove that fits well, that is only half the battle when it comes to picking a great lineman glove. Features like padding, reinforcement, and protection for your entire hand are just as important as a good fit. Here are a couple of things to look for when picking the right lineman glove for you.


Because linemen are in a physical battle at every snap they need a lineman glove that is made of a big, firm, and thick material to help cushion their hands. They should offer interior reinforcement to help defend not only the hands but the fingers and knuckles as well.

The gloves need to have a rather heavy padding on both the palm and the back of the hand as well as support for knuckles and wrist. Lineman should also look for gloves that offer added wrist support to keep their wrist stable and limit the range of motion of their entire hand.


While it may seem obvious that you want a glove that fits well, trying to figure out how to get that glove can be a bit of a challenge. You want to start by taking a measurement from the bottom of your palm to the tip of your middle finger on your dominant hand.

From there, you want to measure the circumference of your palm just below the knuckles around your dominant hand. Once you’ve taken both of these measurements, you want to carefully consult the size chart of the glove you plan to buy to make sure you are getting an exact fit for your hand.

Why trust us

At FastBreakPlay our certified physical therapist Ignacio Suárez has spent years matching athletes with the perfect gear. He does this not only to maximize their performance but also to minimize their risk of injury. We have taken his expertise and applied it to our recommendations to put you in great gloves to take your game to the next level.

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