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Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under $2,000

Chances are that if you are looking for a full suspension mountain bike under $2,000 you are going to be traveling over some pretty rough terrain. You need a bike that is not only going to be durable but is also going to be reliable to make sure you remain safe during your awesome adventures.

Best Full Suspension Mountain Bike Under $2,000

We here at FastBreakPlay have taken a look at a number of great bikes and have found three that are amazing choices for practically any rider.

A very high-end full suspension mountain bike under $2,000

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This is a full suspension mountain bike under $2,000 that comes from a manufacturer that has a name that all bicycle riders can trust. This bike comes with a front suspension fork and rear shocks to give great bump absorption.

With 21-speed shifters, this bike offers a great wide gear range and smooth shifts. The Schwinn alloy triple cranks and the freewheel that offers seven speeds will combine to give you great gearing throughout your ride.

One of our clients that is an owner of this best full suspension mountain bike under $2,000 made the comment that “I waited until I had over 400 miles on the bike before writing a review, and so far, so good.” This is a bike that you can have for a price of around $550.

An economy full suspension mountain bike under $2,000

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If you are just getting into mountain bike riding and you do not want to spend a fortune on a new bike this may be a great choice for you. This 18-inch bike with an aluminum suspension frame offers great performance and superior comfort. The element suspension fork will smooth out any bumps in the road and increase your control during your ride.

This bike offers a 21-speed rear derailleur with SRAM twist shifters to change gears easily. The bike has alloy front and rear disc brakes, plus it also offers a quick-release front wheel.

One client that owns this bike said that “I bought the Mongoose Impasse because it fit my budget for a full suspension 29’er mountain bike that I could grow with.” At a price of around $480, this is a great mountain bike to get started riding on today.

The most popular full suspension mountain bike under $2,000

This bike makes a great entry-level full suspension mountain bike under $2,000 because of all the features it offers at a reasonable price. The bike has disc brakes on both the front and the rear wheels.

This 24-speed bike comes with meticulously crafted components. The bike will arrive about 80 percent assembled with only some amount of assembly and tuning remaining to get it up and running.

One client that owns the bike commented that “This bike is absolutely amazing, especially given the price.” You can have this great bike for a price of around $500.

What to look for in a full suspension mountain bike under $2,000

As you can see from our list of full suspension mountain bikes under $2,000 there are plenty of options and features you need to consider when looking for a full-suspension mountain bike. Here are a couple of important points to consider as you research the purchase of your next bike.

Materials that make up the bike

Generally, full suspension mountain bikes under $2,000 have construction of either aluminum or carbon fiber. In general, carbon fiber bikes are going to be far more expensive and finding one that is under $2,000 is going to be quite rare.

With that in mind, the more important thing to pay attention to is the makeup of the components. Pay special attention to the construction of things like brakes, pedals, and wheel forks. These are the components that get the most wear and tear and their durability is a key to a long-lasting ride.

How you will ride

As you research the purchase of your full suspension mountain bike under $2,000 be really honest with yourself about how you plan on using the bike. If the reality of your riding is that you spend most of your time on roads or well-maintained trails there is no point in going to the extra expense of getting a bike that is better suited to traveling over rough terrain.

Conversely, if you will be traveling over a lot of rough terrain make sure that the bike cannot only handle the conditions but can handle you as well. If you are a bigger person that is tall or heavy you are definitely going to need a robust bike that can stand up under the punishment you will put the bike through.

Why trust us

Here at FastBreakPlay our certified physical therapist, Ignacio Suárez has spent his entire career putting athletes on just the right equipment. He does this not just to maximize their performance when riding, but also to minimize the risk of injury. That is why we are uniquely qualified to offer you some great choices for a full-suspension mountain bike.

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