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Best Golf Clubs for Seniors

Senior golfers are often looking for a great set of clubs that will maximize their performance as they get older. At FastBreakPlay we are in the business of matching athletes of any age to the perfect equipment.

Best Golf Clubs for Seniors

We do this to make sure that you not only perform your best but also do so in a safe and injury-free manner. With that in mind here are three great sets of golf clubs for seniors.

The most popular set of clubs for seniors

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What makes this a great set of golf clubs for seniors is all of the features that are part of the set that are perfect for seniors. This includes things like ultra-lightweight construction and a speed pocket on every club for lightning-quick swings.

This set offers optimized full set gapping and also comes with a premium spider putter. The shafts of the clubs are lightweight in design because of the materials used to give golfers of any age full control over their swings.

This set of clubs has a price of around $1300 and they are some of the best rated golf clubs for seniors you will find. One owner of this set of clubs commented that “I really appreciate the lighter weight of these clubs.”

A high-end set of clubs for seniors

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Callaway likes to say that if you want to get serious about golf then this is the set for you. This complete set of golf clubs for seniors are some of the best Callaway golf clubs available and they offer their regular flex steel shafts.

The shafts used on this set are Callaway smart shafts that flex according to your precise swing. That makes them perfect for seniors who often have slower swing speeds. If you’re someone that likes to walk the course, the bag offers dual shoulder straps making it quite easy to carry on the course.

At a price point of around $1500, it is hard not to see the value in this great set of clubs, and this is why these are some of the best golf clubs for seniors. One customer that has this set commented that these are a “great set for the value.”

A budget-friendly set of clubs for seniors

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The fact of the matter is most golfers in this world don’t need the highest end golf equipment to match their game. If you are looking for a great set of clubs at a price that is far lower than most of the top brands, this is the perfect set for you.

This set of clubs offers a titanium driver that offers a huge sweet spot for a more forgiving feel on drives. The fairway woods offer golfers the ability to hit high-flying shots and the hybrid club is a great substitute for long irons, and in fact, this is one of the best hybrid golf clubs for seniors you will find.

You can have this entire set of clubs at a price of around $485. One golfer that bought the set of clubs commented that he “took the clubs out on a great little course and just loved them.”

What to look for in golf clubs for seniors

The things to consider in new golf clubs for seniors are fairly standard for golfers of any age or level yet there are certain things that senior golfers should look for in a new set of clubs. Here are three important things to keep in mind as seniors look for golf clubs.


Senior golfers that are looking for golf clubs for seniors should look for clubs that have a lighter weight to help them create a powerful swing through the ball. In general, seniors want a shaft with a weight that is less than 60g and also a clubhead that is on the lighter side. This helps with both swing timing and speed.

Shaft flexibility

As we get older it gets harder to generate the necessary swing speed to hit golf balls accurately and also with a long distance. Senior golfers will benefit from looking for a shaft with a lot of flexibility especially in hybrid golf clubs for seniors. This flexibility will help them to create power in their swing and will also help and control the accuracy of the ball flight.

Clubface design

Senior golfers should look for club heads that have large faces. A large golf face means a larger sweet spot on the clubface leading to more accurate shots. Movable weights on the clubhead are also a plus so that you may adjust the club as your game changes as you get older.

Why trust us

At FastBreakPlay we spend countless hours matching athletes of all kinds to just the right equipment. Our physical therapist Ignacio Suárez is an expert in doing just that but he also works to make sure that the equipment puts athletes in the proper position and form to minimize injury risk.

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