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Best Golf Wedges

Ready to hit the links after watching the latest major, but not sure where to find the best golf wedges on the market? Consider us your virtual caddie, because we took care of the heavy lifting.

Best Golf Wedges

At, we’ve put together a list of the highest rated golf wedges available. Whether you’re trying your hand at golf for the first time, or looking for a new set of clubs that will push you over the edge, we’ve got you covered. We listened to the experts and explored the best each brand has to offer, from Callaway to Cleveland.

We’d all love to say that we hit the greens on every drive, but that’s just not realistic…it’s golf. Sometimes you slice it and end up in the trees, or maybe you find yourself looking up from the bottom of a sand trap.

So how can you find your way back and stay under par? The best wedges in golf will give you the spin and control to ensure you put the ball where you want, whether you are laying it up or being aggressive. These are the clubs you will want in your bag when you hit the back nine.

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Best golf wedges ever: Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge

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The Callaway Golf Mack Daddy 5 JAWS Wedge is another top-quality product from one of the most trusted names in golf. They cost about $150 and are made with 8620 mild carbon steel with sharp grooves for a greater spin rate that will make the ball stop on a dime where you want it. As one honest golfer admitted, “I don’t like lending these Callaway wedges to my buddies as they’ll discover my secrets to a good short game.” These are the best wedges for mid-handicappers to take their game to the next level.

Bang for your buck: Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Right Hand Pre Wedge

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Just because you’re looking for new golf wedges doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. The Pinemeadow Golf Men’s Right Hand Pre Wedge is around $25 and is the perfect gap wedge for shots between 70-100 yards. These are the best golf wedges for beginners, as they are both affordable and reliable. As one reviewer commented, “The weight feels balanced, the grip is soft, but still durable…and the club just looks good.”

The most popular: Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge

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Even if you’ve been playing all your life, you want golf wedges that have an easy sweet spot and consistent ball flight. Look no further than the Cleveland Golf CBX 2 Wedge. Take it from a satisfied weekend warrior who said “I have been playing golf for 30 plus years and these wedges are the most forgiving that I have ever played.” At around $150, these are the best wedges for high handicappers who are still looking for clubs that will help improve their short game.

What to look for in golf wedges


Depending on the angle of the club head, the range at which you can hit the ball varies. You can also use these varying styles to adapt to each situation, such as when you hit a sand trap or need to get the ball over a water hazard.

Pitching wedges

Golf wedges with an angle between 44 and 49 degrees are called pitching wedges, and typically send a well-hit ball about 110 to 125 yards. You should master your short game with a pitching wedge before attempting too many shots with the other wedge designs.

Gap wedges

Those with an angle of 50 to 54 degrees are a gap wedge, meant to hit shots about 80 to 100 yards. These golf wedges are specifically designed to fill the gap between pitching and sand wedges, as you will either over-swing a pitching wedge or go too softly on a sand wedge for a shot of this distance.

Sand wedges

Angles between 54 and 59 degrees are found on sand wedges, which have a heavy club head that is meant to power through sand or tall grass and get the ball into the air quickly, avoiding further contact with the ground.

Lob wedges

These club heads have an angle of 59 to 65 degrees and are used to avoid obstacles and stick the ball softly on its landing.

Why trust us

Every golfer is different, and that’s why you should seek out golf wedges that fit your size, style, and experience. Our resident expert, Physical Therapist Ignacio Suárez, is a Postural Reeducation Specialist. This plays a critical role in health and injury-free golf play, and he recommends measuring your height and arm length before purchasing any clubs to ensure that your swing does not have a negative impact on your back and posture.

If you find yourself feeling tension or uncomfortable on your swing, consider ordering custom clubs that will fit your personal playing style. You should also practice shorter distance shots with a pitching wedge before attempting longer attempts, to avoid over-swinging and straining your back. Consistent practice and repetition will always produce better results than simply trying to muscle yourself through a challenging game. Get to know your clubs and find the sweet spot on your club head, and you will be sticking the ball to the green like a pro.

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