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Best Indoor Basketball

Are you looking for a new basketball or a replacement for one that’s given up the ghost after lots of practice? An indoor basketball can have many characteristics that you need to take into account when you’re in the market for one.

Best Indoor Basketball

We’ve made it easier for you to choose the one that suits you best, by painstakingly researching the best indoor basketball for different types of players, from beginners to pros. We’ve summarized our findings in this handy guide so that you can pick out the right one. Have a glance down the page and you’ll find the right starting points to find the cheapest, most popular and most highly rated basketballs.

At we make it easy for you to get the most out of your game with a ball that will feel most natural to you. We use all manner of resources to evaluate the models we recommend, including professional sports reviews, buyer ratings and comments, social media trends and consumer reports. This means you can rely on our research when you’re looking to buy an indoor basketball. We’ll save you time and help you to get the best value for money out of your buying decision.

Our top pick: Wilson Evo NXT

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Our top marks go to the Wilson Evo NXT Indoor Game Basketball as our best basketball for indoor play. It’s packed with all the latest sports technology, and uses advanced materials for performance and durability. Composite laid in channels help to dispense with moisture to help improve your control of the ball, and a micro-touch cover provides excellent levels of grip. As one reviewer commented: “I love that this ball has great grip and doesn’t get slick when it gets wet or sweaty.”

This indoor basketball also has a super soft core construction that helps to boost the range of your shots. The pebbled cover creates a double layer of grip which vastly improves one-handed ball control. It costs around $85.

Cheapest indoor basketball: AND1 Chaos Rubber Basketball & Pump

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If value for money is top of your list when you’re looking for an indoor basketball, the one to choose is the AND1 Chaos Rubber Basketball. It’s an official size ball that’s made from durable high-quality rubber that can withstand a lot of wear and tear, despite its relatively cheap price of about $18.

It also has deep channel construction to improve grip and ball control, making it especially suited for beginners who are learning the basics of dribbling and shooting. These come in a range of highly attractive modern colors and designs. In one reviewer’s words: “We love it. We want to order more because we all want to use this basketball when we play together as family.”

Most popular model: Spalding Precision Indoor Basketball

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The best basketball for indoor use going by popularity is the Spalding Precision Indoor Basketball. It features an Eco-Grip composite surface that offers very high levels of grip. A deep channel design wicks away moisture very effectively, further helping to improve your ball control. As someone who really knows commented: “I was a coach and teacher for 40 years and I recommend this ball.”

It’s built for performance, containing a butyl bladder for maximum air retention, and a cushioned carcass providing a true and predictable bounce. This ball is certified by the Amateur Athletic Union and costs around $50.

What to look for with an indoor basketball


The first important consideration when you’re buying an indoor basketball is its size. Of course, anyone can theoretically play with any size basketball, but ideally you should choose one that suits the player.

Take into account the player’s age, size and gender, as these can all have an effect on which is the best indoor/outdoor basketball to buy. A size 5 is suitable for kids under the age of eight, while older children from the age of 12 and adults can play with anything from a size 7 upwards.


Weight is an equally important factor in the best indoor and outdoor basketball, especially when it comes to preventing physical strain on muscles and joints and preventing repetitive strain injuries. Under the age of 12 the maximum weight of the ball you buy should be 18 ounces. For young teens the weight can be increased to around 20 ounces.

Late teens and adults should choose a full weight ball of 22 ounces for the best performance. This is also the official legal weight of an indoor basketball as prescribed by the NBA.


The type of cover is a third factor to take into account. Leather is a good choice for an indoor basketball as it won’t scuff as much as when you’re playing with it outside on rougher surfaces.

The best indoor basketball for versatility is one made from a synthetic composite that retains a comfortable, grippy leather feel. They are also cheaper than leather basketballs. Another common type of basketball cover is rubber. You can play with a rubber basketball on any surface and they provide a reliable bounce.

Why trust us

We are advised by prominent physical therapist Ignacio Suárez. He is a postural re-education specialist, and adds his considerable knowledge to our evaluations. His input is invaluable when analyzing the best products for us to recommend, and we take this into account when we research products to provide guidance for you.

His recommendation when looking for the best indoor/outdoor basketball is to pay careful attention to the size and weight of the ball, and to make sure that these suit your physical characteristics. Playing with a ball that is too large or too heavy for you can lead to hand and wrist injuries, as well as forearm muscle strain.

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