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Best Kayak Fish Finder

When outdoor enthusiasts invest in a great kayak they start to consider what they can do next. In addition to taking pleasure cruises or rolling down gentle rapids, many kayakers like to go fishing.

Best Kayak Fish Finder

At FastBreakPlay we have taken a look at several kayak fish finders that will make your fishing experience aboard your kayak that much more fulfilling and successful.

The most popular kayak fish finder

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This popular kayak fish finder offers a great dual-beam transducer that gives clients clearer images and great target separation. The quick draw contour mapping software lets you not only create but also store maps with 1-foot contours.

This fish finder comes with a built-in GPS so you can mark waypoints, create custom routes, and even view your kayak’s speed through the water.

One owner of this fish finder commented that it was a ‘Great fish finder! Perfect for my use on a kayak!’ This fish finder checks in at a price of around $140.

The top of the line kayak fish finder

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If you are looking for a fish finder for a kayak that spares no expense and gives you tons of great features look no further than this fish finder. This comes with an auto-tuning sonar and menus that are similar to popular phones that will help you spend more time fishing and less time tinkering with your fish finder.

This best fish finder for a kayak comes with an incredibly wide sonar coverage plus it offers a number of on-screen views to give you precisely the information you need while you fish. It comes with a number of pre-loaded highly detailed maps so you can precisely locate your best fishing spots.

One of the owners of this fish finder commented that ‘I’ve had it for almost 2 seasons now and I have enjoyed it very much. If I don’t have it on the boat I feel naked.’ The price for this high-end, feature-packed model is around $820.

An economy kayak fish finder

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If you’re looking to get a good quality kayak fish finder without breaking the bank then this is the fish finder for you. This unit comes with a 2.4 inch TFT color LCD screen. It detects and displays underwater contours, water depth and temperature, fish size and depths.

The unit offers a 26-foot wide operating distance and can detect depths up to 328 feet. The unit is rechargeable and it comes with an included USB cable for charging. The unit itself will continuously work for about five hours on a full charge.

One of the owners of this fish finder said that ‘The value for the cost is excellent!’. At a price point of only around $81, this budget unit is hard to beat.

What to look for in a kayak fish finder

As with any piece of technology you are considering these days the number of choices and options can seem overwhelming. When you are on the water in a small vessel like a kayak you need a portable fish finder for a kayak that lasts a long time on a single charge and delivers the information you need quickly and easily.

Choice of frequencies

Depending on the type of water you plan on fishing in you should make a choice as to which frequency your kayak fish finder works on. If you plan on fishing in shallow water you will want higher frequencies such as 192 and 200 kHz. As you get into deeper water you will want to lower frequencies. Most people that fish in a kayak tend to be in shallow water and as such a higher frequencies work better.

How much power

One thing to keep in mind when choosing a kayak fish finder is that the farther it has to look for fish the more power it is going to use. Also for those people on a kayak, chances are there’s not going to be a place you can plug in your fish finder while you fish so it needs to be rechargeable and have a pretty durable battery. Since most kayak fishers will be fishing in shallow water you can get away with having a fish finder that is of a lower wattage and that should last quite a long time while you fish on a single battery charge.

Water resistance

Since this unit will be on a kayak you can expect is going to get wet while you use it. As such you should check the JIS or IPX ratings of the unit to make sure it is at least five or higher to make sure you have a waterproof fish finder for a kayak.

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At FastBreakPlay our certified physical therapist Ignacio Suárez has spent years matching athletes with the perfect equipment. He does this not only to maximize performance but also to minimize the risk of injury. That is why we are ideally suited to recommend the best products for your use when on your kayak.

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