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Best Kayak Paddles

It can be a common misconception to think that all kayak paddles are just the same. There are quite a few varieties of paddles and the differences can have a substantial impact on your kayaking.

Best Kayak Paddles

We here at FastBreakPlay have searched high and low for some of the best choices in a kayak paddle. In this guide, we will show you some options for some of the best kayak paddles to have you blasting through the water.

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The most popular of the best kayak paddles

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This is a kayak paddle that has the dual benefits of being both durable and affordable. The paddle construction is a high-quality aluminum alloy shaft and the blade uses fiberglass to help with reinforcement.

The shaft of the oar comes with a shrinking PE tube cover that offers great grip and prevents blistering. At a length of 230cm, this tends to be the ideal size for most kayakers. It also is detachable into two different sections making it easy to transport.

This oar comes with a bungee leash to assure you that you will never lose the oar while you are in the water. At a price point of around $40, this great paddle is hard to beat. One customer that uses this paddle commented that “it holds up well, and feels great after all-day use.”

The top of the line of the best kayak paddles

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This amazing kayak paddle offers a carbon fiber shaft and reinforced fiberglass blades. This makes this paddle strong and durable yet super lightweight.

The 234 cm length makes a great fit for most kayakers. The paddle will separate into two pieces making it easy to store and travel plus it has two dribble rings that keep water from running down the shaft while in use.

This paddle for kayaks includes a 5-foot leash that ensures that the paddle remains securely connected to the kayak while in use. One buyer of this paddle loved the strong feel of this paddle and commented that it is “a real step up from aluminum shaft and fiberglass blade paddles.” At a price of around $100, this high-quality paddle is a great buy.

A budget-friendly option for the best kayak paddles

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If you are looking for a great kayak paddle at an affordable price, this is the paddle for you. This paddle uses reinforced thickening aluminum alloy ABS making it durable and giving you the option to store it for a great length of time.

The paddle folds making it easy to carry and store. This paddle allows length adjustment so you can create the perfect length for practically any kayaker. The positive nonslip camlock will make sure that the paddle stays in that exact position.

This paddle comes in at a price of around $17 making it reasonably affordable for practically any kayaker. One of the buyers of this paddle was happy to see that these paddles are hard to lose since if you drop them in the water “they will float for a little while.”

What to look for in the best kayak paddles

There are several factors to consider when choosing the best kayak paddles for any ride no matter if you are using them for kayaking rapids or you are using them as kayak fishing paddles. Things like the length, the angle of the blade, and the materials that the paddle is made from are all important considerations when finding the right paddles for your kayak.

Paddle length

Finding the right paddle length is a combination of both how tall the kayaker is and how wide the kayak is. In general, as both of these numbers increase you want to get a longer paddle. Most paddles you’ll find will fall in the range of somewhere between 210cm long and 250cm long. That is why so many paddles you find on the market will be about 230cm.

Angle of the paddles

A low angle paddle means that your top hand will stay below your shoulder level during the stroke. This is a great choice for those that are doing relaxed kayaking in relatively flat water. The high-angle paddle is built for a more aggressive stroke in rough water. The stroke with this type of paddle offers more speed and power yet it also requires precision that generally only comes from more experienced paddlers.

Materials of the paddle

The lowest cost material for a blade is plastic which is good for recreational paddlers although it can easily degrade in the sun. A fiberglass kayak paddle blade is generally a middle-of-the-road choice that will offer great performance and it’s very durable. It is generally lighter than plastic and will offer excellent performance in the water. The top of the line for blades is carbon fiberglass. It is both very light and very stiff which means you can expect superior energy transfer with every stroke.

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