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Best Leggings for Running

We’ll save you the schlep of looking for leggings for running. After all, all you want to do is find the ones you need and click to buy. You don’t have the time to find the best ones at the best prices all over the Internet. exhaustively sifts through customer reviews, expert articles and social media signals to identify the best running leggings for women, and then we present them right here for you.

Best Leggings for Running

There are many factors to take into account with running leggings, so we look at things like fit, material, muscle support, cooling abilities and much more in making our recommendations. So you can trust these to have been researched and vetted from all angles. We can also recommend complementary apparel, like running T-shirts and shorts.

Our top pick for running leggings

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We recommend the Under Armour Women’s Fly Fast 2.0 Running Capri as very good all-round leggings for running. It’s made from 100% polyester with HeatGear and ColdGear technology infused into it, depending on whether you buy the winter version or the summer one. They have additional drawstring closures for extra security at the waist and come in a variety of colors.

You can pick up these running leggings for around $30, and are a good blend of sports technology and style. You can wear them as casual wear too. They give a light compression fit for additional muscle support while you’re running, giving them the feel of a second skin. As one reviewer put it: “They are so comfortable. They’re soft and simple, and they stay in place.”

Cheapest running leggings

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At around $9, the RUNNING GIRL Camo Leggings give good quality at a very good price. They have elastic closures all round for a secure fit, and are made from the company’s Ultra-Stretch-Fit material, which gives a very flattering profile and also gives a slight compression fit for muscle support and warmth when you’re warming up on a cold day.

The material has moisture-wicking properties, and is an opaque four-way stretch fabric with a lot of give, without ever becoming see-through. They’re best summed up by one reviewer: “I LOVE these leggings! I’m usually fussy about leggings but these are wonderful because they have a high waist and are very flattering. Plus they don’t show much when you sweat.”

Most popular running leggings

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We recommend the Hi Clasmix High Waisted Leggings for Women. They’re made from a stretchy blend of polyester and spandex for good muscle support and flexibility, without having a tight compression fit. They’re designed to be worn as running leggings as well as an insulation layer under casual clothes in cold weather, so you’ll get dual service from them. They are full length leggings with a slim cut that gives a curve-hugging shape.

These leggings for running also offer you great value for money, coming in at a shade under $10. They’re held securely in place with elastic closures and their high waist bands give you above average waist and tummy control. Customers have described them as super comfortable and easy to wear: “I absolutely love these leggings. They have a nice high waist. I ordered 3 and I’ve worn them almost every day since they were delivered!”.

What to look for in running leggings


In days gone by we didn’t pay much attention to the fit of running leggings, as long as they were comfortable. However, in the modern era there are a number of scientifically designed leggings that provide a different fit for different uses. You can get compression leggings for running that provide lots of muscle support, or looser fitting ones, that still have a supportive and stretchy, flexible feel.


It’s also important to choose the right materials in leggings for running. Modern fabrics help to cool you down while also efficiently dealing with sweat, by directing away from build-up spots and evaporating it quickly. These synthetic materials do a much better job at keeping you cool and dry than natural fabrics like cotton, as the latter tend to absorb too much sweat without dispensing with it as efficiently.


Choose leggings for running that have the features for your specific needs. You may prefer high-waisted ones for activities like yoga, or seamless leggings for a touch more comfort. If you need to keep small valuables on you, you can get ones that have small inside pockets. Some will have three-quarter lengths for summer exercising, while others have reflective detailing for running as dusk or in the evening.

Why trust us?

We don’t solely rely on our own in-house research; we also consult with one of the leading specialists in the field of postural re-education, renowned physiotherapist, Ignacio Suárez. He applies his extensive experience in sports physiology and equipment to our selections, to give them a final medical stamp of approval, so to speak. He also specializes in studying the inter-relationship between athletes and their apparel and equipment.

With running leggings he recommends that you pay most attention to the material from which they’re made. You want to avoid chafing and upward movement of the cuff at the ankles, otherwise your lower leg will suffer too much heat loss. The other important thing about the material is that it must be breathable, so as to allow both for the evaporation of sweat and for your skin’s pores to breathe while you’re running.

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