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Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

There is no way you’re going to dominate on your local court without having the best outdoor basketball shoes to do the job. Don’t worry because you don’t need to search high and low to find the right shoe to do the job because at we have done all the legwork for you.

Best Outdoor Basketball Shoes

Finding the right pair of Outdoor Basketball Shoes is not just about having the latest styles or looking good on the court but that is always a plus. In our work, we found the shoes that are going to take your game to a new level because their fit and function will work very well as basketball shoes outdoors.

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Our Best Bet: PEAK High Top Mens Basketball Shoes

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If you are looking for a great outdoor basketball shoe at an even better price this offering from Peak is hard to beat. Peak uses integrated weaving and a hot-melt process to reduce discomfort for your foot and provide optimal support while you play. Peak offers a stabilization module in these shoes that sits on the outside of the foot and bulges out to provide key lateral support for side-to-side movement on the court.

The wear-resistant rubber found on the soles of the shoes means that no matter what type of outdoor court you are playing on, the shoes last game after game. What truly sets Peak shoes apart is it they offer so much great technology and function at such a reasonable price. At a price point of around $50, it is hard to beat this combination of high quality and advanced design. In fact, one customer said, “at $50 these were a steal for me.”

The most cost-effective shoes: adidas Men’s Hoops 2.0

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It is probably difficult to find a baller in this world that does not know the name Adidas. They have a reputation as a company that makes high-quality outdoor basketball shoes that players have been using for years. Their 2.0 Basketball Shoe offers a cutting edge and modern low-profile design. The upper of the shoe is smooth with a feel much like leather and offers the iconic three stripes that Adidas prides itself on.

What truly makes these a great basketball shoe for outdoor players is they are a great blend of both performance and comfort. One owner commented that “they feel amazing on my feet.” What that will mean in your game is that you can play at a high level all day long. For a price of around $40 these high-performance and stylish shoes are hard to beat, this Adidas are the best cheap outdoor basketball shoes.

The Most Popular: Nike Mens Air Visi Pro Vi Nbk

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The Air Visi Pro Vi is certainly no exception in this long line of exceptional shoes for outdoor basketball. This is a shoe built for basketball players that are looking for that lightning-fast first step on the court. Do not let the sleek and modern design of this shoe fool you. These shoes have long-lasting performance and comfort in mind in their construction.

The sole and internal materials make for a well-cushioned ride for top-notch outdoor basketball players. Despite all that these shoes have to offer players, they still can be yours for a relatively low price of around $80. In fact, one customer said, “This is a great, low-cost pair of shoes to play basketball in.”

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What To Look For In Shoes For Outdoor Basketball

When looking for outdoor basketball shoes specifically you need to take a couple of factors into account for the specific type of playing environment the shoe will encounter.


One key difference between playing outdoor basketball and indoor basketball is that you can encounter a lot more dirt and dust outdoors. For that reason, it is important to make sure the bottom of basketball shoes for outdoor courts use wide and deep grooves to maximize traction. The shoe itself should have a sole made from solid rubber, and the upper part of the shoe should include lasting materials that will withstand harsh outdoor elements.


Outdoor courts made of asphalt and concrete are often less forgiving than softer indoor courts. Because of that, it is important to make sure that you have outdoor basketball shoes that provide enough cushion to handle the beating your feet are likely going to take playing all day outdoors. One important thing to keep in mind when looking for cushioning systems is to make sure they are internal to the shoe. Any cushioning systems exposed to the elements are likely going to degrade very quickly thus defeating the purpose of having a well-cushioned shoe for outdoor use.

Why Trust Us

At Fast Break Play we don’t look for the most fashionable shoes or the latest trends. We look for shoes that not only look good but offer the materials, construction, and technology that will keep you comfortable and at peak performance playing on outdoor courts all day long.

Our Postural Reeducation specialist Ignacio Suárez has spent his entire career finding the right shoes for athletes just like yourself to keep them not only performing at their highest levels but also injury and fatigue-free. His suggestions here will help you achieve your best game on the court.

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