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Best Road Bikes Under $500

With so many different types of road bikes that you can buy at dozens if not hundreds of online outlets, it can be quite a task to find one that suits all your requirements and your wallet.

Best Road Bikes Under $500

So here at FastBreakPlay we’ve made it easy for you by putting all the information you need in one place, along with our recommendations for the best road bikes under 500 without spending hours trawling the Internet yourself. We evaluate them according to the main concerns that customers have when buying bikes like these, such as quality, popularity and reliability, while taking into account their budgetary needs.

We use many different sources to gain the information we need to make our recommendations. Expert reviews and customer reviews give us important indications of how well the bikes have been received, and alert us to drawbacks. Customer forums and social media are another rich source of information.

Lastly, we consult with an expert sports physiotherapist to ensure that the road bikes under 500 that we recommend promote good sporting health and don’t have any characteristics that could cause damage with long-term use. We also give you useful tips on what to look for when you want to buy yourself a road bike.

Best overall

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The number one spot when it comes to top road bikes under 500 goes to the Schwinn Kedzie Single-Speed Fixie Road Bike. It squeezes into this budget range, retailing at just under $500, which is great news for fans of this top-class bike brand.

This model is a simple fixed-gear bicycle, with a steel racing-style frame and fork that makes it very responsive. It’s designed for city road cycling and makes an ideal commuter bike. As one reviewer phrased it, it’s “fast and steady with good traction on asphalt and concrete.”


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If value for money is your top priority, the Takara Oni Single Speed Road Bike will make a very good choice. You can buy one online for just over $150 and it comes with a number of high-grade features that you might not expect for the price.

It has a high tensile steel frame and fork, mated with a flip-flop rear hub and double wall alloy wheels. This makes it a very reasonable choice of road bikes under 500. In the words of one reviewer: “It’s a good inexpensive bike. It was solid and I rode it for some years.”

Most popular

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The Eurobike Bikes EURXC550 21 Speed Road Bike is one of the most popular road bikes under 500 that you’ll find. Selling for around $250, it has a sporty frame with modern 3-spoke wheels.

Described by a reviewer as “a great road bike for a beginner that feels lightweight and constructed decently”, this is a bike that’s popular with both novice and experienced cyclists.

What to look for in road bikes under 500


If you’re looking for good road bikes under 500, the first decision you need to make is what type of bike you want. Road bikes come in many variations, from flat bar bikes and recreational fitness bikes to touring bikes, gravel bikes, and endurance bikes.

Each of these will have different frames, wheels, and gearing systems, and will vary in weight accordingly. With road bikes under 500 you’ll easily be able to identify type of bike as they’re usually clearly labelled at online outlets.


There are two things to take into consideration when it comes to the bike’s frame. The first is the frame geometry – the shape of the frame. This will depend on the type of bike you want, as explained above.

The second factor is the frame material. In road bikes under 500 you’ll usually have a choice of steel or aluminum, while higher end bikes often incorporate carbon fiber or titanium. Combinations of all of these materials are also common in modern bicycle construction.


Brakes are perhaps the most important consideration, especially if you’re after road bikes for beginners under 500. There are two types of brakes fitted to this type of bicycle: caliper brakes and disc brakes.

Caliper brakes squeeze the wheel at the rim in the traditional way, while disc brakes slow the bike by clamping a rotating disc in the center of the wheel, like a car. Entry level road bikes under 500 will typically have caliper brakes.

Why trust us

We have a consulting relationship with top sports physiotherapist, Ignacio Suárez. A specialist in postural re-education, he plays an important role in the choices of our evaluation team.

He points out that the single most important thing when buying a road bike is to make sure that the frame is the right size for your height, so that you can maintain healthy body alignment when riding. Then fine-tune the saddle and handlebar heights so that you ride in a comfortable and relaxed position without feeling any back strain.

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