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Best Running Belt

Runners need high-quality gear that is going to last the test of time during runs. So whether that is a great pair of shoes, the perfect pair of shorts and a running shirt, or a great running belt, they are looking for quality and durability.

Best Running Belt

At FastBreakPlay we have looked through a number of running belt bags to find some great options that runners can count on during all of their running adventures.

A highly popular running belt

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This machine-washable belt offers four openings on the belt with two in the front of the belt and two in the back. This allows for runners to easily slide in and access any items they put there through the belt and makes this a great running belt for a phone.

The belt offers a polyester and Lycra fabric that gives moisture-wicking capabilities, plus is also quick drying and is very soft against your skin. The belt does not have any fasteners that will cause chafing while you run.

One buyer of this running waist belt commented that “It is stretchy so it’ll fit. Don’t worry. I have an iphone6s. My cell phone fit easily.” At a price point around $29, this is a great all-purpose belt for runners.

A great running belt for women

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Made of soft Lycra fabric, this belt is both sweatproof and waterproof. This belt makes a great holder for your cell phone while you run.

The belt comes with a reflective strip to provide safety while you run in low light conditions. The belt can fit any size from 32 inches up to 45 inches because it is flexible and moves with you while you run.

The belt also offers a headphone hole so that you can listen to your favorite music from your phone while you’re running. One of the buyers of this belt commented that “This belt is wonderful! I absolutely love it!” You can have this running belt for a price of only around $13.

A great economy running belt

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This adjustable iPhone running belt will fit any waist size from 28 inches up to 49 inches because of its incredible flexibility. The neoprene material assures you that all of the items inside of the belt will stay dry no matter the outside conditions.

One of the benefits of wearing this belt while you run is that the secure design of the belt will keep items inside of the belt from bouncing while you run.

One customer that owns this belt commented that “It was easy to get in and out of, and I barely noticed it while running.” This running belt comes in at a price point of around $11.

What to look for in a running belt

Runners need something that is going to fit well without moving while they run, plus will be comfortable and water-resistant to make their runs much more enjoyable. Here are some of our recommendations for what to look for in a running belt.


The perfect position for a running belt is with a pouch in the front and sitting low on the widest part of your hips. That’s why it is vital to measure your hips before you order a belt to make sure you are finding the right size. This also is a great reason to find a belt that is adjustable so you get an exact fit.

Hydration capable

One problem runners often have is where they are going to keep their water while they are running. If you can find a running pack belt that offers a holster or a pouch to carry water while you run this is a great bonus for runners especially those that will be running over long distances.

Pouch size

While it may seem great to have a giant running belt pouch that will carry a bunch of stuff while you run, the size of the pouch can become cumbersome for runners especially when covering long distances. With that in mind, you want to find a pouch that is as small as possible while still carrying the essentials that you need while running.

Material types

Pay close attention to the type of material in the belt. You want something that is going to be durable and long-lasting and that will offer a secure fit while you bounce during a run. Just as important, you need a material that will wick moisture well so that you do not end up with a soggy belt around your waist while you run.

Why trust us

At FastBreakPlay our certified physical therapist, Ignacio Suárez has spent years matching athletes to the perfect equipment. He does this not only to maximize their performance but to minimize the risk of injury. That is why we are well qualified to recommend great belts to have you perform at peak levels in a safe and fun manner.

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