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Best Running Gloves

When you’ve hit the wall and you’re trying to power through the final mile of your run, the last thing you want to worry about is how cold your hands feel. All of your focus should be on getting to the finish line.

Best Running Gloves

A quality pair of the best winter running gloves can protect you from the elements, from biting cold to dumping snow. While we can’t guarantee that you won’t be hurting everywhere (including places you didn’t even realize could hurt) at the end of a marathon, at least your hands will be warm.

At, we’ve seen our fair share of winter runs. We know how it feels to step out the door and get hit in the face with such cold weather that you’re concerned whether your nose will fall off. But we also know that even though it’s cold outside, that’s not going to stop you from getting your run for the day.

Take that first step with confidence, as we’ve compiled the best running gloves for running into one list. You don’t have to be a 5-minute miler or crushing records—these are for weekend warriors, marathoners, and everyone in between.

Best available running gloves: Turtle Gloves Heavyweight Convertible Running Mittens

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Turtle Gloves offer convertible running mittens for every season at around $30, designed to open up and let the air cool your hands if they get too hot. Don’t just take it from us, as one happy runner commented “the design is genius.” The Turtle Gloves Heavyweight Mittens are the best running gloves for extreme cold weather, tested as low as -10 ℉. You don’t want your fingers separated if you’re running in extreme cold, so the mitten design is much more effective than finger gloves. Turtle Gloves Midweight Mittens are perfect for typical winter runs, tested down to 15 ℉. For those fall and spring runs that still get a bit chilly, the Turtle Gloves Lightweight Mittens can keep your hands toasty.

Affordable running gloves: SIMARI Winter Gloves

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For about $15, you can get reliable workout gloves that even work on touchscreen devices. No need to pull your gloves off just to send a text or skip to the next song, as one runner commented “I can keep my focus on the road.” These aren’t meant to keep you warm through a blizzard, but are a great option for a brisk morning run or evening jog after sunset.

Most popular: Under Armour Men’s Threadborne Run Gloves

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It should come as no surprise that Under Armour has one of the most popular gloves of the year. The Under Armour Threadborne Run Gloves are about $40 and have earned a loyal following among runners who call these some of the best cold weather gloves on the market. As one observed, the design even “has a reflective pattern for evening runs” to help you stay visible.

What to look for in running gloves


With so many companies opting for a unisex design, we have reached the point where the best men’s running gloves and the best women’s running gloves are one and the same. The trick is to look for designs that fit into your running style. If you are running through extreme cold, gloves designs that isolate each finger from one another are ineffective. You need a mitten design that will allow the body heat of your palms and fingers to each other and maintain strong circulation.


Do you prefer to run with a GPS watch? Look for designs like Turtle Gloves that have a slit opening for you to see the watch face. Do you find yourself removing the gloves because you get too hot or need to work a smartphone? Find options with flaps that can open and close, or touchscreen compatible fingertips.


The materials used to make a pair of gloves play a large role in what kind of weather you can wear them in. Moisture-wicking technology can keep your hands dry and warm, and are useful in damp snow or rain. If your gloves are made of mostly polyester, they may work better for dry weather and blocking the wind.

Why trust us

The health and safety of our athletes is the utmost priority of We rely on expert advice and insight when we are compiling lists of the best equipment for sports. In particular, we lean on Physical Therapist Ignacio Suárez, Postural Reeducation Specialist. He knows the importance of maintaining proper circulation throughout your runs, no matter the weather. That’s why he recommends finding gloves or mittens that fit your hands in a snug and comfortable manner. This will allow you to remain focused on your pacing and hydrating while your gloves keep you warm all the way to your fingertips.

He also recommends adapting to your runs and the weather you will encounter. If you know that you will be running in negative temperatures, don’t leave the house without running gloves that are designed to handle that level of extreme cold. On the other hand, don’t bring heavyweight gloves on a fall run where you might end up overheating as a result. Listen to your body, and plan in advance as much as possible.

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