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Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints

While running is a great form of cardiovascular exercise it can potentially lead to pain caused by things like shin splints. So while it is important to find great gear for running such as the perfect shirts, shorts, and socks to make your run enjoyable there’s probably nothing more important than a good pair of shoes to maximize performance and minimize injury.

Best Running Shoes for Shin Splints

At FastBreakPlay we have searched through hundreds of pairs of running shoes for shin splints to find great choices to help runners with shin splints meet their exercise goals.

The most popular men’s running shoes for shin splints

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What makes these great running shoes for shin splints is that they have a neutral feel to them that gives runners a good balance of flexibility and cushioning. They offer a mesh upper that is light in weight that gives great breathability during running.

The shoe comes with a leather overlay that is very durable to offer stability and that will lock your midfoot in place to help minimize shin pain. One buyer of these best running shoes for shin splints commented that “These are by far THE MOST comfortable shoes.” They come in at a price point of around $55.

The most popular women’s running shoes for shin splints

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The construction of these running shoes for shin splints is synthetic and mesh and offers a rubber sole to offer great comfort and stability during running. The uppers are durably crafted from synthetic leather and a breathable mesh.

The lace-up closures on these running shoes for shin splints for women ensure a secure fit in the fabric lining so will keep your feet both dry and cool. A stabilizing internal heel counter will keep your foot in its natural line of motion to minimize stress on the legs.

A buyer of these best women’s running shoes for shin splints commented that “I’ve been having pain in my knees while running and needed to get a pair that better supported my under pronation. These were perfect, and I haven’t had pain since.” At a price point of around $80, these make a great shoe to minimize shin pain.

A great economy men’s running shoe for shin splints

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If you need a great shoe to minimize pain but you don’t want to break the bank these are a great choice. They offer a rubber sole and the anatomical shape provides great natural comfort. Buyers will find adaptive materials in the shoes and minimalist construction.

The shoe offers zero drop from heel to toe to create a natural stride. This helps to minimize pain in the legs and joints while you run.

One buyer of the shoes commented that “I am so very impressed. I usually run in higher-priced shoes but they cost more than $80. I figured for $30 I’ll give them a try.” You can have these great running shoes for the price of around $35.

What to look for in running shoes for shin splints

Nothing can bring a great run to a halt faster than painful shin splints. While part of the problem is often in overuse of the shins or bad running technique, one other problem can be shoes that either do not fit or are not constructed well. Here are some tips for you to find good running shoes for shin splints.


Part of the problem with finding running shoes for shin splints that fit properly is that runners often get too fixated on the size of the shoe and not the width of the shoe. When you have a shoe that is too wide and allows your foot to slip inside the shoe or to roll over into a natural position this can cause pain in joints and muscles.

Take special note of the width of your feet and then consult size charts of the shoes you’re considering to make sure they have the proper size and width for you.

Shoe design

If you are of the opinion that running shoes for shin splints are all the same you may have just figured out why you are suffering from shin splints. When you look at any running shoe you may notice that some are much flatter than others while some have much more of a curve, especially near the toe.

Although it can be a bit of trial and error, if you find that you’ve always run in a certain type of shoe try changing the design type to see if that alleviates problems with pain in muscles and joints.

Why trust us

One reason that we should be your go-to source for finding great sports equipment is that our certified physical therapist Ignacio Suárez has spent an entire career matching athletes to great equipment. He does this not only to maximize physical performance but also to minimize physical injuries such as shin splints. That is why we are uniquely qualified to offer you some great shoe choices to increase performance and minimize injury.

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