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Best Running Shorts for Men

Need to purchase some new running shorts? Don’t worry, has you covered. We compile all the information that you will need to make a decision on what product to purchase, including customer reviews, ratings, and consumer reports.

Best Running Shorts for Men

Whether you’re interested in the best men’s running shorts for men available or the best trail running shorts, we can help you. Our quick and user-friendly guide below highlights the best options currently on the market and includes their specs, so you can easily compare items.

We can also help you to find other pieces of running equipment that you may need, such as running shoes. You can focus on training and perfecting your form while we find the best products out there for sale.

Our top pick: Pinkbomb Men’s 2 in 1 Running Shorts for Men

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Your best choice for comfortable and reliable running shorts are the Pinkbomb Men’s 2 in 1 Running Shorts. The 2 in 1 design includes outer shorts that help to keep you comfortable, with inner shorts that provide additional support and prevent friction.

This design has three separate pockets, making it easy to store all of your items. The lined outer shorts have a specific phone pocket that also includes a headphone jack for you to enjoy music while exercising.

To prevent your shorts from falling down and to give you a comfortable fit, there is an elastic waistband, as well as a drawstring. These are considered to be some of the best running shorts for men on the market, and reviewers are saying they are “very comfortable to work out in and do not limit your range of motion”. A pair will cost you just over $20.

Cheapest running shorts: Surenow Mens Running Shorts

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If you’re looking for affordable running shorts for men, consider purchasing a pair of Surenow Mens Running Shorts. They’re made out of high-quality fabric to help give you support while still being breathable, and they quickly dry in order to keep you comfortable during your workout.

An adjustable drawstring allows you to easily fit the shorts to your waist, while the pocket and towel ring give you the chance to keep your personal items on you. With the zipper design, you don’t have to worry about your phone or keys getting lost.

You can choose from 10 different colors, depending on what best fits your personal style. With high ratings, these shorts are a favorite amongst consumers. Many reviewers have said that they are a “fan of these shorts, which have built-in compression shorts beneath a looser outer layer”. You can expect to pay at least $15.

Most popular running shorts: SILKWORLD Men’s Compression Shorts with Pockets

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The SILKWORLD Men’s Compression Shorts are some of the best running compression shorts out there. Their elastic fabric means that they allow a range of motion, while the stretch waist is still snug and won’t slip.

These shorts have a tight fit, helping to increase blood flow during your workout and prevent you from being sore afterwards. Flat seam construction means that they won’t cause chafing and will protect your skin from irritation.

With good ratings, it’s clear that customers love these running shorts. Reviewers have said that “for the price, they are a good value and worth purchasing”. If you choose to buy these, you can expect to spend at least $10 per pair.

What to look for in running shorts

There are many different models of running shorts for you to choose from, so you’ll want to make sure the specific pair that you buy is best for you and your needs. When determining which shorts you would like to purchase, make sure to take into consideration certain factors such as type, fit, and material.


The type of running shorts for men that you should look for depends on your personal preferences and what you will be doing in them. If you’ll be running outside, you may be interested in the best trail running shorts currently offered. Those that would prefer to have some extra support will often be interested in the best running compression shorts instead.


Running shorts come in a few different lengths. If you sprint or run long distances, you may prefer a short length, which has an inner seam of around 3 inches. Medium length, which is around 5 inches, is known for being a versatile option. For shorter running distances, opt for a long length instead, which is around 7 inches.


If you run short distances, try to find running shorts for men that are made out of sweat-wicking fabrics that provide ventilation and do not retain heart or moisture. If you want to prevent chafing, compression fabrics will also be your best bet.

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Ignacio Suárez, a well-known and trusted physical therapist, has spent years working with athletes and helping them to recover from injuries and maintain their sport careers. To protect yourself while you are running, he recommends choosing shorts that fit your body well and suit the type of activity that you will be engaging in.

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