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Best Skate Bearings

Nothing is more important than skate bearings when it comes to the speed and performance of your skates. With so many choices of bearings, it can be hard to decide what will work best for you.

Best Skate Bearings

At FastBreakPlay we have researched a whole host of bearings. We have put together three different roller skate bearings, one of which is sure to be perfect for you.

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The most popular skate bearings

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One of the reasons that these skate bearings are so popular is that they offer a build that is strong and long-lasting. This is because of their non-contact and removable rubber shields that make for easy cleaning and less friction during use.

The high-speed ability of the nylon ball retainer means you will get fantastic speed and amazing strength. These bearings come pre-lubricated meaning you can pop them in your skates and get to rolling right away.

The price for this set of 16 bearings is around $37. One buyer of these bearings commented that “my new skates are too fast now.”

The best of the best in skate bearings

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The makers of these skate bearings like to say that they are blazingly fast. These bearings offer ceramic ball bearings and a nylon ball bearing cage plus two Labyrinth seals. This means you can expect high-performance that is going to last.

The manufacturing of these bearings is at 22m and this precise construction leads to a uniform ball throughout the bearing that creates less friction and drag and more skate motion energy transferred to the wheels with every stroke.

At a price of about $50 for 8 bearings, this is one of the best skate bearings you will find, and you will know you are getting a high-quality bearing at a pretty reasonable price. One buyer of these bearings summed up their performance by commenting that they are “pure bliss.”

The best skate bearings on a budget

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These quality and affordable bearings offer a rubber sealed deep groove design to protect and enhance the ball bearings. The 608RS shields will help to keep the lubricant of the ball bearings in and keep dirt and grime out.

The materials used in the construction of these bearings include carbon steel that will give you great durability. They will maintain their shape even under the heaviest loads.

These can be had by skaters at a price of about $6 per 10 bearings. An owner of these bearings said that they loved that these bearings “come new with grease loaded inside of them. That is going to minimize wear and prolong their life.”

What to look for in skate bearings

There are several important factors to consider when you are looking for the best skate bearings. Here are a couple of the most important things we take into account when choosing the best skate bearings.

Construction materials

There are generally three different materials that bearings use in skate wheel bearing construction. Steel is the most common and it usually offers the lowest price. Don’t let the low price fool you since steel bearings last a long time and perform well.

Ceramic inline skate bearings offer a harder construction material than steel. This means that they hold up better especially when intense heat is created through constant friction that you create when you skate for hours and hours.

The best of the bunch is titanium since they are light, but they are much more resistant to corrosion meaning they will really last and perform well during the entire length of ownership.

ABEC Rating

All bearings produced come with an ABEC rating. The rating consists of several levels. It is a somewhat common misconception that a higher ABEC rating means that the bearing is somehow better than lower-rated bearings.

In reality, what the ABEC system really means is that it is measuring a bearing’s ability to deal with changes in physical dimensions such as what occurs when temperatures are increased during skating. Because of that, the ABEC rating should only be part of your decision in choosing a bearing along with the materials used for construction.

Shielded, sealed, or open bearings

Most bearings will have a cover on at least one side of the bearing. If these covers have metal construction and they attach to the bearing these are bearings you refer to as shielded. If instead the cover construction is rubber or plastic and you can remove them, these have the name sealed bearings.

If instead, the balls inside the bearings have no covers at all these are open bearings. What it comes down to is a matter of personal choice. Sealed bearings tend to be the best compromise because they offer protection from elements yet you can also clean and maintain them as you wish.

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