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Best Skate Cameras

Between smartphones with high-res video cameras, GoPros and other kinds of digital recording devices, let alone all the bona fide video cameras on the market, choosing the right skate cameras can be a bit bewildering.

Best Skate Cameras

Which is why we do all the hard work for you, using our team of technical experts and photography hobbyists, we go through the Skate Cameras available online, analyze them, and then present you with our recommendations.

We also help you to understand what to look for when buying skate filming cameras, so that you won’t have the disappointment of catching a great trick, only to find that it didn’t save properly. Below you’ll find our guide to choosing the best one for your particular needs, whether you’re a complete novice, or want to shoot some professional-grade skating footage.

Our top pick Skate Cameras: ZUODUN Camcorder & YouTube Vlogging Camera

Best Skate Cameras

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We’ve chosen the ZUODUN Camcorder & YouTube Vlogging Camera as our top pick of skate cameras. It’s a tailor-made hand-held camera for people who like to film and post to social media or YouTube, which goes for most of the recreational skating population. It sells at around $96 when not on promotion, has full 1080 HD functionality. It can be used as a standalone camera and as a webcam.

It has some advanced features of pro skate cameras, like IR night vision capabilities and an external microphone, so your sound quality won’t suffer as it often does when you’re recording with a smartphone. It’s also very user-friendly, as one reviewer puts it: “An excellent video camera, with great HD quality and it came at a great price”.

Cheapest skate cameras: Kimire Video Camera Camcorder

Cheapest Skate Cameras

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Cheap skate cameras that also offer good quality can be a bit tricky to find, but you can’t go wrong with the Kimire Video Camera Camcorder. It sells for about $64 and is packed with features like anti-shake technology, face capture sensors, a self-timer and webcam functionality. Very usefully, you’ll also be able to film while the camera is charging.

You’ll be able to zoom in digitally up to 16x to get some great close-ups, and the camera also has slow-motion filming abilities. And when you want to watch what you’ve shot on a bigger screen, you can simply plug it straight into your TV. Customers rate this as one of the really good skate cameras: “This camera is very good value for a low cost with versatile and capable features.”

Most popular skate cameras: LINNSE Video Camera Camcorder

Most Popular Skate Cameras

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The LINNSE Video Camera Camcorder has proven itself time and again as a great compromise between amateur and professional skate cameras. It has 24MP image resolution for flawless close-ups, and a 16x digital zoom function. It records at 1080 FHD and can handle night shooting as well.

You can operate it directly or using remote control, making it one of the most useful skate cameras out there if you want to film your progress and make corrections to improve your skating and trick execution. It comes highly rated by customers: “I find this an outstanding product at an outstanding price. It’s still a little hard to believe.”

What to look for in skate cameras


It almost goes without saying that you need fast high resolution skate film cameras to capture the action clearly and crisply. Try to get one that has 4K recording abilities, and if you get one with a zoom feature, this will go a long way towards helping you shoot some spectacular skating action. Most cameras on the market today will have a resolution that is more than enough to support fast-action filming, but make sure that you only look at skate cameras that can record at least in HD 1080 at 60 fps.

Weight & size

Ideally you want skate video cameras that are lightweight and compact. It’s a very dynamic and fast-moving sport, which can require quick and deft camera movement to follow what you’re trying to shoot, so the easier your camera is to move swiftly the better results you’ll get. Of course it will also require less effort on your part, so a lighter camera will help you to incur less fatigue or strain.

Digital assistance

Filming any action sport can be challenging, especially when it comes to stability and focus. Modern skate cameras have built-in digital technology to help improve your camera work, like image stabilization, voice controls and video smoothing to give the best resolution without using too much storage space.

Why trust us?

While we do exhaustive research, we also seek professional advice on our sports apparel and equipment choices from our consulting expert, physiotherapist Ignacio Suárez. He is a postural re-education specialist who helps us to ensure that all our recommendations are ergonomically safe.

In the case of skateboard cameras, and more specifically the camera work, he advises on getting a camera that is lightweight and won’t place any strain on your neck and upper shoulder area, as this can lead to referred pain all the way down your back. Always make sure to maintain good posture when filming, and try to avoid contorting your body too much when catching different angles.

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