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Best Skate Shoes

When you lace on a pair of skate shoes, you want them to become a part of your skating experience, not an accessory that gets in the way. The ideal pair offers protection for your feet, specifically the heel and ankle, and are durable enough to take a beating as you work to develop your skills.

Best Skate Shoes

You want to have enough board feel to remain connected with your board throughout a ride, but still enough shock absorption to protect from injury. The best skate shoes in will check all these boxes and still be something you’re proud to wear at the park.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first time getting on a board or you’ve been skating for decades. A quality skate shoe is essential to make your experience safe and successful. At, we dropped into the world of sneakers in search of the best shoes for skate sports. From high tops to low tops, we explored the latest models from the most trusted names in skating. Whether it’s trusted classics like Vans or big names like Nike or Adidas, these models are tried and tested by skaters around the world.

Best Skate Shoes Overall: Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas

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For a minimalist design with maximum comfort and board feel, check out the Nike SB Check Solarsoft Canvas. These are the best Nike skate shoes, combining the durability of quality materials with the stylish look you can expect from such an iconic company. These shoes price out to about $120 for a pair. One reviewer noted “these offer great board feel,” so you can feel more connected as you ride and have better control on turns and tricks. From handrails to halfpipes, these are the best way to keep yourself safe and look good while doing it.

Most Affordable Skate Shoes: adidas Originals Men’s Seeley Sneaker

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The Adidas Originals Seeley Sneakers are the best cheap skate shoes you can find while still being a quality product. At around $65, they are perfect for beginners who are looking to start skateboarding and don’t want to break the bank with their new hobby. A common pitfall among new skaters is believing that you can throw on a random pair of shoes and hit the skate park. You need to keep yourself safe, and these are the best Adidas skate shoes to do that. Take it from a satisfied skater who said “I’m glad I bought two pairs.”

The Popular Choice of Skate Shoes: Vans Unisex Old Skool Sneaker

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Nothing beats a classic, especially the famous Vans Old Skool Sneaker. With an iconic design that has withstood the test of time, these have been the best looking skate shoes for decades. As a reviewer noted, “you could recognize these shoes anywhere.” Costing about $120, they offer a comfortable ride with a gum rubber grip on the bottom. For a company that has evolved into such a recognizable brand, these are the best Vans skate shoes on the market.

What to look for in skate shoes


The main choice in choosing a skate shoe is between vulcanized soles and cupsoles. Vulcanized soles offer more board feel and greater control, while cupsoles are sturdier and offer greater heel support. Vulcanized soles are typically lighter, while cupsoles are designed to prevent heel bruising on high impact jumps and tricks. Both styles have their own pros and cons, but you will typically find beginners starting with cupsoles for greater protection as they learn the ropes of skating.


Low tops have the smallest amount of ankle support and offer the greatest range of movement while you’re on the board. The best high top skate shoes will protect your ankles from falls and hitting the board, with less freedom of movement as you ride. As suspected, mid-tops are a middle ground between the two, offering a balance of ankle support while still allowing a moderate range of movement while boarding.


If you are taking large jumps or landing high-impact tricks, you want a higher level of cushioning in your shoes to protect your body, especially your knees.


The grip on the bottom of your shoes determines how the board sticks to your feet while you move. A solid grip will keep you on the board and prevent injuries or slipping.

Why trust us

We understand the importance of a quality pair of skate shoes, and do not take it lightly that you have come here to make your decision. Our team at relies on the advice and expertise of Physical Therapist Ignacio Suárez, a postural reeducation specialist. He has spent years recommending equipment for athletes, including skate shoes for amateurs and professionals.

For a safe and rewarding skating experience, he stresses the importance of finding shoes that match your skating style and fit well. If you know that you will be landing high-impact jumps and tricks, you need to protect yourself from long-term injury by finding well-cushioned shoes and replacing them regularly to ensure they don’t wear out. For beginners, start with a high-top model to protect your ankles.

As you graduate the more difficult moves and get more comfortable on the board, you can step into mid-tops or low tops. Skating shoes often take time to break in and fit to your foot over time, so consider wearing them around the house or during errands before taking them to the skate park. This will give you a chance to feel the level of support you will have on the board.

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