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Best Skate Wheels

With so many skate wheels on the market, it can be downright confusing to figure out which skate wheels you should buy. At FastBreakPlay we wade through all the choices to provide you with some great alternatives.

Best Skate Wheels

In this article, we have highlighted some of our favorites. We base these reviews on what actual buyers think, the quality of the products, and the price point of these products.

Most popular skate wheel

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These amazing skate wheels use processed urethane to give you a durable and long-lasting grip that works on surfaces as varied as asphalt to sidewalks. Their makeup means there is less friction when you ride which creates a smooth, fast, and responsive ride on your skates.

The urethane hub of these wheels means a quick and smooth ride even when you’re riding on trails. A four-pack of these wheels will run around $78. One owner of these wheels commented that they are “so smooth they roll right over cracks in the sidewalk.”

The top of the line skate wheels

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The Addiction line of skate wheels is the newest wheel offering from Labeda. What makes these wheels so unique is that they are indoor wheels that have a hardness that is the same as most outdoor wheels.

Even with that level of hardness they still offer amazing grip you would find in much softer wheels. What this means for skaters is that you will get amazing speed and performance without compromising any level of traction or stability.

This set of eight inline skate wheels comes in at a price of around $208. While that may seem a bit steep to some, one customer that uses these wheels commented that “Labeda makes the best wheels hands down.”

Best skate wheels on a budget

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If you are looking for a good all-around outdoor roller skate wheel that comes in a variety of hardnesses and colors this is a great choice. As an added benefit, these wheels also light up while you skate.

These wheels come in a variety of sizes and harnesses depending on your particular use. This wheel offers a durable construction of both the wheel and the hub, and the hub itself creates very little friction leading to a smooth and quick ride.

These wheels are available to purchase at a price of around $6 per wheel meaning they are a pretty budget-friendly choice for skaters. One customer that owns these wheels, said “my daughter has these wheels on her rollerblades going on 4 years now. They still work great.”

What to look for when buying skate wheels

While several factors can affect your decision about which wheels to buy, we think there are three main points to consider when purchasing new skate wheels.


The size of any skate wheel is usually a trade-off between maneuverability and speed. For those that are looking for very maneuverable wheels, such as those that play inline hockey or do artistic skating, a smaller wheel is a good choice.

If you are somebody that likes to go cruising on trails or does speed skating, a larger outdoor skate wheel that provides more straight-line speed is probably a good choice.


In general, when skate wheels get used indoors on softer and more forgiving surfaces you want a wheel that provides more grip thus you will want a softer wheel. If you will spend your time skating on things like asphalt and concrete then a harder wheel is a better choice for the durability and lifespan of the wheel.

Hub material

The hub of the wheel is the point where the wheel comes into contact with the bearing. A larger hub means there is less wheel material and thus the overall weight of the wheel will be less. Hubs are generally made from very durable material like nylon and aluminum so most hubs will generally outlast the life of the wheels themselves under normal use.

Why trust us when choosing skate wheels

At FastBreakPlay we are in the business of searching through all sorts of athletic equipment to find not only the best products but the ones that are ideally suited to athletes that take part in those particular sports.

Our physical therapist Ignacio Suárez has spent his entire career working with athletes to find them equipment and products that not only maximize their performance but lets them perform in a safe and hopefully injury-free manner. He does this by choosing products and equipment that put them in the proper posture and alignment to enhance performance and create the correct posture to minimize injury risk.

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