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Best Ski Helmets

Finding the right ski helmet is about more than just finding the best-looking ski helmets or a really comfortable one. Helmets have a design that keeps you safe in a sometimes-dangerous sport.

Best Ski Helmets

So when you’re looking for the best men’s and women’s ski helmets you need to find something that looks good, is comfortable enough to wear all day long, and offers the protection you will need to keep you safe.

When you begin to see the dizzying array of helmets that are available for men and women, trying to find the right one for you can probably become a little overwhelming.

That’s why we here at have sifted through all of the ski helmets on the market and we can offer you some of our top choices for helmets that will give you all the features you want and need.

Our best rated: OutdoorMaster Ski Helmet

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OutdoorMaster Ski Helmets check all the boxes of a great ski helmet because both comfort and safety are part of its design. This helmet comes with a reinforced ABS shell. It also has a shock-absorbing EPS core. Taken together these two systems help make this in an incredibly safe helmet.

To keep you comfortable while you ski this helmet offers 14 different individual vents that make for a very well-ventilated helmet. At a price of around $50, this makes for an affordable, safe, and comfortable helmet which is why this is one of the best rated ski helmets on the market. One client commented that “They are well made, easily adjustable and very comfortable.”

Our most affordable: PHZ Ski Helmet Snowboard Helmet

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Getting a comfortable and safe ski helmet does not need to cost a fortune. The PHZ. Ski Helmet offers all the good looks and protection you need at a price of around $30.

The helmet comes with a reinforced outer shell fused to the inner foam that creates great shock-absorbing impact protection in the helmet. The helmet comes with an adjustment dial meaning a perfect fit is easy to achieve.

To make sure you stay comfortable while you ski, the 16 individual vents in this helmet will keep you cool and comfortable all day on the slopes. You can open or close the vents on the helmet depending on how much ventilation you want to get. One owner said it was “the best helmet I’ve ever worn.”

Our most feature packed helmet: TurboSke Ski Helmet Snowboard Helmet

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When you’re looking for great ski helmets that not only look good but also provide great safety you most likely also want helmets that offer several additional features. If so, this is the helmet for you. The TurboSke helmet offers an innovative hybrid shell construction that includes a hard ABS shell.

The helmet includes a dual regulator ventilation system that lets you adjust both front and rear vents independently. The helmet has a FIDLOCK magnetic buckle that a buyer said was “easy to operate with gloves on” and the ear pads offer an audio storage slot that is compatible with most helmet audio systems and makes this one of the best ski helmets with audio on the market. At a price of around $70, this is a helmet that is sure to have all the features any skier needs.

What to look for in a ski helmet

When looking for the best ski helmets women and men will love, there are many factors to consider. Helmets need to be a perfect combination of form, fit, and function. Here are some of the key points you need to consider as you look for the best women’s ski helmets as well as great helmets for men.


There may be no more important consideration when purchasing ski helmets than how the helmet fits. The ski helmet needs to be snug on your head to provide protection in the event of a fall. On the other hand, it should not be overly tight making it uncomfortable to wear.


There are three different types of ski helmets that you can purchase. Half shell helmets have a hard top but soft ear pads. Full shell helmets are hard over both your head and your ears. A full-face helmet is the same as a full shell helmet but also includes a chin guard and a visor.

Which type you choose is a matter of preference and it is generally a trade-off between protection and comfort with a half shell helmet most likely being the most comfortable to wear on a long day of skiing.


If you’d like to listen to music while you ski, trying to do so without the right helmet can be difficult. If this is something that you want to do while you ski it is important to find a helmet that is compatible with helmet drop-in kits to listen to music while you ski.

Why trust us

At we are just as concerned with your safety while you ski as with the comfort and performance a helmet will provide. Our certified physical therapist Ignacio Suárez has spent years putting athletes in the right gear to maximize their performance while helping to keep them safe and injury-free.

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