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Best Ski Masks

When you are looking for a ski mask you want something that is going to keep you warm but is also going to be comfortable. You also need something that gives you good vision to keep you safe while skiing.

Best Ski Masks

We are here at FastBreakPlay have looked through tons of different ski masks and can offer you these three great choices, one of which is sure to meet your needs.

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The most popular ski mask

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This mask offers a soft fleece lining and the hinged design and breathable mesh make this ski mask close-fitting yet it will not fog up ski goggles. This mask can be worn in five different ways and can also fit nicely under a helmet.

The design of this mask lets you breathe easily through both nose and mouth while wearing the mask. The soft and stretchy fleece will fit anyone.

This mask checks in at a price of around $15 and one buyer commented that the great thing about this mask is that “you forget that you are wearing it.”

The top-of-the-line mask

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If you want to take head and face warmth up to the next level then this is definitely the best ski mask for you. This mask offers a heated cap that will heat both sides of the head near the ears. There are three different temperature settings to keep you warm in extremely cold weather.

The construction of this mask offers an external polyester elastic material and the mesh design on the front of the mask helps you to breathe well during activity. This mask is great at sweat absorption, has a soft feel, and is very friendly on the skin.

The price for this mask is around $79 and one customer commented that the mask “stays very hot on high heat for eight hours.”

A great economy mask

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If you are looking for a great ski mask at a price that is hard to beat, then this is the mask for you. This mask offers very high-quality material as well as great performance that includes a very breathable and absorbent environment.

This ski face mask has a long neck warmer that has added length in the front for great protection from the cold and the wind. You can wear this as a full face mask, a hat, or a neck scarf.

You can have this mask at a price of only about $1.50. One owner of this mask commented that this mask “works like a charm. Doesn’t fog up glasses when pulled tight with the drawstrings.”

What to look for in a ski mask

One of the main reasons that you want a ski mask is to stay warm in sometimes cold and harsh environments. That said, there are still several factors to consider when looking for a mask. Here are a couple of important points we think you should consider when looking for your next mask.


Your first choice is going to be in the type of material that your mask offers. Ski masks use all sorts of materials nowadays including neoprene, polypropylene, polar fleece, silk, or cotton, and there are even some acrylic face masks.

While each material offers varying levels of warmth and protection, this choice really comes down to what feels most comfortable on your face. Generally, natural materials like fleece, cotton, and silk are going to be the most comfortable.

Fit and use

Some ski masks are a one-piece design that can only operate in one way. That is to say, you are either wearing them or you are not.

Then there are other ski masks that are multi-functional. So you may wear them simply as a neck gaiter, to provide neck and face protection, or to provide protection to your head, face, and neck.

Again this comes down to a choice of personal preference. If you plan on doing skiing in areas where weather can be quite variable during the day you may want to opt for something that offers a variety of choices of how to use the mask.


Another very important distinction to understand when looking for a face mask is how you’re going to breathe in and out of the mask. Since by its definition a mask covers your face you not only need to worry about how easy it is to breathe while wearing the mask, but whether or not the mask will fog up glasses or goggles you may be wearing.

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