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Best Ski Pants

When you are looking for the best ski pants you want something that not only looks good but more importantly performs well. With so many choices available it can be difficult to figure out what the perfect pants are for you.

Best Ski Pants

We here at FastBreakPlay have searched through a countless number of ski pants to find some choices that are sure to suit any type of skier.

The most popular ski pants for women

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These ski pants for women offer three-layer construction that includes insulation padding, Duratek ripstop, and anti-static fabric. The design comes with shoulder straps that are easy to adjust making them very comfortable.

These women’s ski pants feature side pockets that include secure zippers as well as D-rings for simple attachments such as lift tickets. There is also an elastic boot gaiter with a snap as well as reinforced leg guards.

These ski pants for women come in at a price of around $60 and one owner of these pants commented that they are “thick but not bulky.”

The most popular ski pants for men

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These waterproof outdoor ski pants for men serve as great adventure pants not just for skiing but for doing snow hiking or snowboarding and also make great cross country ski pants. They come with an elastic closure and an outer polyester layer that is very waterproof. The inner layer has a soft fleece fiber construction.

These men’s ski pants have zippers that go up the leg making it easy to put these on over boots. There are zippered side pockets that are perfect for a phone or a map.

The price for these ski pants for men is around $35 and one customer that owns these pants commented that the “fit was great for going over my boots.”

Great economy pant for men or women

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If you are looking for ski pants that are low in price yet still offer tons of features this is the pant for you. These insulated pants offer synthetic polyester to keep in heat.

There are elastic ankles that will keep snow out. The pants have reinforced areas in the seat, the knee, and the ankle to make sure they don’t wear out during rigorous activity. The zippered pockets let you keep all of your valuables secure.

Made from a water-resistant material, these women’s ski pants are sure to keep you dry and comfortable during outdoor activities. You will find these at a price of around $35 and one owner of these pants commented that these have “great construction and they seem extremely durable.”

What to look for in ski pants

There would seem to be a virtually endless number of types and styles of ski pants to choose from. Here are a couple of key points to consider when looking for your next pair of pants.

Type of pant

There are several different types of ski pants available and the one you choose comes down to the type of comfort and performance you expect. A three-in-one ski pant is one that has a pant, a mid, and a base layer all in one. You can then disassemble the pant and use whichever part you need based on your activity in the outdoor weather.

A more common form of ski pants is a simple insulated ski pant that offers a waterproof outer shell and then insulation on the inside to keep you warm and dry.

A third option is a basic shell that is generally both windproof and waterproof but does not offer any insulation. The purpose of the shell is to keep the clothing that you are wearing under the shell dry during activity.


As with any other type of pants you might buy for your everyday use, there are different types of fit in ski pants. These range from a slim-fit version that is formfitting and that is perfect as a piece of your layering choices for outdoor activity.

There is also a regular fit that will fit your body fairly well but still gives you room to move. Lastly, there is a relaxed fit version of ski pants that will give you ample room to wear several layers below the pant if you so desire.

Why trust us

At FastBreakPlay we spend hours upon hours looking for the absolute best gear available for practically any sport. Our goal is to find you gear that not only lets you achieve top athletic goals but also keeps you safe and protected while you perform.

Our physical therapist Ignacio Suárez has spent years matching athletes with the best equipment to help them achieve great results but also do that in a safe and injury-free manner. He is now putting that expertise to use with us to find people like you the best equipment on the market to help you perform at your best while staying safe.

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