Q - What is FastBreakPlay?

FastBreakPlay is the hottest new basketball manager game on the web. Basketball fans now have an innovative game to test their skills against other gamers around the world. Play for Free.

FastBreakPlay is a skill-based game for true sports fans. Now gamers have the opportunity to serve as the team owner, general manager and coach of their own basketball team. Compete Globally.

It only takes a few Easy Steps to join the fun. First step is to create your players, next step is to join a league or create your own league, then set your team's roster, compete against other teams and be rewarded for your success. Win Prizes.


Q - What is a Basketball manager game?

Basketball manager games are the latest rage for gamers. With our game, you are the team manager where you can create players, form a team, create or join a league, compete globally, watch games live and win fantastic prizes. It's this type of team and game functionality that has made these sports manager games a growing sector within the gaming world.

Q - I don't know much about basketball, can I still play?

Of course! When you sign up we provide a tutorial on how to create your players, set up a team and enter a league or play friendly games against other users around the world. It's very easy, even for novice basketball fans.

Q - How long does it take to set up a team?

Not long at all. It's a quick process and we guide you along the way.

Q - Can I play for Free?

Yes! Every new team is provided a certain amount of FBP$ Dollars to create players, set up a team, play friendly games against other users and create or join a league.

Q - What is the Fast Break Play Economy (FBP$)?

We have our own game economy that trades with FBP Dollars. Our FBP$ Dollars are used to add attributes to your players, add team tactics, sign players, make improvements to your Arena and much more. 

For example each $1 US Dollar = FBP $1,000,000.

Q - How do I purchase FBP$ Dollars?

Every new team is provided $15,000,000 in free FBP$ Dollars. If you need additional FBP$ Dollars, you can make a deposit into your FBP account via PayPal by clicking on the Add Funds button. In addition, you may deposit with bitcoin by checking the bitcoin box on the payment screen.


Q - How do I Join?

Go to and on the top right section you will see a link for [REGISTER], click on that and complete the form.

Q - I signed up, what's next?

After you confirm your registration, the next step is to create players, set up a team, join a league or start your own league or play in friendly games against users around the world.

Q - How Do I Create Players?

When you first signup you can use our automatic team generator button to automatically create 8 players with balance attributed. Alternaitvely you can manually create your players, which is a fun process. Go to our create your players section for more information.

Q - How Do I Create My Team?

Once you finished creating the minimum eight players, you can elect to create more players to add to your bench or just elect to stay with eight players to form your team. For more information go here.

Q - Can I Play Friendly Games Without Joining a League?

Once you have finished creating your players, finalizing your team roster and building your arena we suggest you play a few friendly games in order to get a hang of the game. You can play against the computer or seek out other gamers around the world. This will give you the experience to enter a Fast Break Play League or start your own league.
Q - Can I Play an Instant Game Without Joining a League?
Yes, you can play an Instant Game against a computer team at anytime. You can play a weak, medium or strong computer team. Playing an Instant Game does not negatively affect your team. So test out your team's skills and play an Instant game.


Q - How Do I Set My Player Attributes?

It's very easy. When creating players we guide you through the process on setting up individual player attributes. Learn more here.

Q - How Do I See Player Stats Across the League?

Easy, login to your account and go to the [Stats] section. Here you can view stats for all the players in the league as well as Team Stats.

Q - Can I Acquire Players Through Free Agency?

Yes, login to your account and go to the [Players] section where you will see the list of all available free agents. If you are interested in a player, click on his name and submit an inquiry to the team that owns the rights to that specific player. Each player is listed in the marketplace and has a FBP$ Dollar amount tied to him for free agency acquisitions.

Q - Someone has Inquired about one of my Players, what's next?

When someone inquiries about your player, you will receive an email notification about the player inquiry. You can also go to the Players/Offers section to view the inquiry.


Q - How do I Set Team Tactics?

Once you have created your 8 players, you can begin to formulate your team tactics for future games. Go here for more information.

Q - How do I set my Team's Starting Roster?

Go to [MY FBP] then click on the sub tab [MY TEAM], there you a link for [SET YOUR STARTING LINEUP].


Q - Can I Watch My Games Live?

Yes! We welcome you to watch your games as we believe you will enjoy the experience and the colorful commentary. If you want to watch live, we have daily games starting at 6:00 PM EST. You can also view your past games at anytime by logging in to your account and going to the [Games] section.

Q - Do you have game commentary?

Yes, the games provide live audio and written commentary throughout the game.

Q - How long will my games be available for viewing?

You will have access to view your past games for the duration of the current league season.

Q - Can I view games of other teams?

Yes, you will be able to view games from other teams for that current season. 



Q - How do I Join the Fast Break Play League?

When you first sign up and have completed creating your team, you will see a page that invites you to join the next Fast Break Play Championship League. Click the Join button to sign up for the next FBP Championship League. If you have been a registered user, you can login to your account and go to the Tournaments tab.

Q - Is there an Entry Fee to Join the Fast Break Play Championship League?

No, there is no entry fee to join the FBP Championship or Super Leagues.

Q - Is there a schedule of games that I can view?

Yes, login to your account and go to the [Schedule] section to see all the games played with results and future games in your league. You can also view the schedule of all the other leagues too. Alternatively, you can view your team schedule in the [My Team] section, as well as the game results, high scorers, rebounds and assists.

Q - How Do I See My League Standings?

Login to your account and go to the [Standings] section to see a breakdown of the standings per league.

Q - How Do I Win Prizes?

Throughout your playing career with Fast Break Play you will accrue FBP$ Dollars. Those FBP$ dollars can be redeemed for some fantastic prizes. We offer a wide variety of prizes at all FBP$ Dollar levels.

Q - How Do I Redeem and Receive My Prize?

Once you have achieved the prize threshold, you can go to the Prize Central and redeem the prize you desire. Go to your [Quick Links] tab on the left sidebar and click on [Prizes]. We will mail out your prize and you can expect to receive within 6-8 weeks. There may be additional shipping charges for international destinations.



Q - How Do I Start My Own League?

After you login go to [MY FBP] click on [Leagues]. From here you can take the necessary steps to create your own league and choose your playoffs tournament structure.

Step 1 - Name Your League

Step 2 - Choose The League/Tournament Structure. You can choose from a public or private league. Public leagues will be promoted on our home page and social media to fill-in the needed teams. Private leagues will not be promoted. 

Step 3 - Add the Number of Teams

Add the number of teams to participate in your league or tournament. The minimum is 2 teams and the maximum is 16 teams. 

Step 4 - Invite Teams and Friends

Here you can invite currently registered FBP teams or even invite friends who do not have a FBP team.

Step 5 - Entry Fee

Enter the amount each team has to pay as an entry fee in FBP$ Dollars to play in your league or tournament. Winner takes all.

Step 6 - Create League

Once all steps are completed, press the [Create League] button.


Q - What are Premium Leagues?

FastBreakPlay Premium Leagues are just like our regular leagues but you play to win real money. Premium leagues have a minimum entry fee of USD$ 1.00 with the opportunity to win in many ways including  as a winner or 2nd place or 3rd place or 4th place.

Q - Can I really win money playing the Premium Leagues?

Yes, you can win real cash playing our Premium Leagues.

Q - How old do I have to be to play in the Premium Leagues?

You have to be 18 years old to play in the Premium Leagues. See our terms and conditions.



Q - Where do I see a listing of all the Premium Leagues available to play in?

You can see all the available public premium leagues on the home page of You can also view the available premium leagues when you log-in in the [Leagues] section.

Q - How do I deposit money into my account?

You can add funds to your Premium Leagues account via PayPal or Bitcoin. Look at the top left section in your dashboard when you login and you will see a button to [Add] funds to your Premium Balance.

Q - Where can I view a listing of my payment history?

When you click on the [Add] button to add funds to your account for Premium Leagues, you will be taken to a Premium Leagues Payment Dashboard. This dashboard will show a listing of your deposits, credits and balances for each Premium League you participate in.

Q - What is the minimum I can deposit into my account?

The minimum you can deposit to your account is USD$ 3.00.

Q - When I win, how do I get my money?

When you reach a minimum of USD$ 100.00 in winnings in your account you can elect to withdraw your funds. We will send you the funds via PayPal.

Q - Does playing in Premium Leagues affect my team in other leagues?

NO. When playing in Premium Leagues, your team utilizes a separate fitness attribute. You can also submit a different team roster for your Premium League play versus the other non-premium leagues you compete in.

Q - Can I play in multiple Premium Leagues at the same time?

YES. You can play in multiple Premium Leagues simultaneously. You can only play in one free public or private league at a time.

Q - Can I create my own Premium League?

YES. You can create your own premium league and make it public or private.  You get to name the league, set the number of team, set the entry fee (minimum USD$ 1.00), designate the payout structure and invite teams to join.

Q - What's the difference between a Public Premium League and Private Premium League?

In a public premium league it will be showcased on the home page and promoted across our social media until your league gets filled.

In a private premium league it will not be showcased publicly. So you use this option if you want a private league amongst your friends.

Q - How can I divide the Premium League cash prize for my own league?

You will have four options for prize distribution:

1.     Winner Only

2.     Winner + Runner-Up

3.     Winner + Runner-Up + 3rd Position

4.     Winner + Runner-Up + 3rd Position + 4th Position

Q - What commission does FastBreakPlay take from a Premium League?

Anywhere from 10-28%. Most standard Premium Leagues will have a fee of 28%.

Q - Where do I see the schedule of Premium League games?

When you login to your account go to the [Schedule] section and you will see a dropdown link for [Premium Leagues].

Q - Where do I see my Premium Leagues games?

When you login to your account go to the [Games] section and you will see all your Premium Leagues. You will also see a section that lists your next Premium League game.

Q - Where do I find my final team position in a Premium League?

When the Premium League you are playing in is complete, you will receive an email notification with your final standing. You can also view your final standing when you first login to your account via pop-up and also by going to the [Standings] section.

Q - I see that there are various National Premium Leagues. Do I need to be a citizen of that nation to play in a National Premium League?

NO. You can play in any Premium League listed in the system.

Q - I'm a USA citizen, why do I have to complete a W9 form to receive my winnings?

When you have reached $400 in winnings and elect to withdraw the amount, the system will ask USA citizens to complete a W9 form before they can withdraw anymore funds. Any USA citizen that withdrawals $600 or more in a given year, will receive a 1099 form for tax purposes.


Q - Can you explain the Fast Break Play League Structure?

As fellow gamers we spent time to develop an exciting league structure that awards the best teams and demotes the worst teams. 

Our premier league is called the Fast Break Play Championship League which features the top 32 teams across all FBP leagues. You can think of this top league as the NBA. 

Then we have our first secondary league known as the Fast Break Play Super League which includes the best teams below our premier FBP Championship League. You can think of this first secondary league as the NBA D-League. 

Then below our top FBP Super League, we have additional secondary leagues in our Fast Break Play Super League-2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10.

Q - How is the regular season and playoffs structured in the various Fast Break Play Leagues?

The regular season consists of 15 games across 15 days. The top 4 teams in each division qualify for the playoffs. The playoffs include 4 rounds of a best of 3 series for a total of 12 days with 1 day break between each stage.

The playoff rounds include the first round, conference semi-finals, conference finals and championship finals. Total season is complete in 31 days which includes 15 days for the regular season, 12 days for the playoffs and 1 day off between the regular season and playoffs. 

Q - What is the Fast Break Play Relegation Series?

The Fast Break Play Relegation Series is for the bottom ranked teams after the regular season is complete. The bottom ranked teams (5th, 6th, 7th and 8th) after the regular season in each division in each league then play in the Fast Break Play Relegation Series. The Fast Break Play Relegation Series is to determine if the bottom ranked teams can continue to play in their current league or get demoted to a lower league for next season. 

The Fast Break Play Relegation Series will be a best of 3 series in the first round. The winner of the first round, stops playing and gets to stay in his or her current league for the next season. The loser of the first round is relegated to a lower league next season. This system allows for the top leagues to always have the best teams.



Q - Where can I view my FBP$ Finances and Balances?

Login to the [MY FBP] and go to [FINANCES]. Here you can view a summary of your earnings and expenses for your team.

Q - How Do I Add Funds to My Account?

When you login to your account go to your [MY FBP] profile page and you will see a [Add Funds] button on the top left. Click on the [Add Funds] button and a pop-up will appear where you can add dollars via your PayPal account. In addition, you may deposit with bitcoin by checking the bitcoin box on the payment screen.

Q - Is there a way to accrue FBP$ Dollars without making a deposit into my account?

Yes, we have many ways you can accrue FBP$ Dollars by just being an active participant in the game. For example each user can accrue FBP$ Dollars by just logging in each day or by referring the game to other friends. Login to the game to see the many ways to accrue FBP$ Dollars.
You can also receive FBP$ dollars when the FBP season ends depending on your final position. FBP Championship League Winner receives FBP$ 10,000,000; Runner-up receives FBP$ 5,000,000; 3rd Place receives FBP$ 3,000,000; 4th Place receives FBP$ 2,900,000; 5th Place receives FBP$ 2,800,000 and so on.
In the FBP Super League the Winner receives FBP$ 5,000,000; Runner-up receives FBP$ 3,000,000; 3rd Place receives FBP$ 2,000,000; 4th Place receives FBP$ 1,900,000; 5th Place receives FBP$ 1,800,000 and so on.
In the FBP Super League 2 and below, the Winner receives FBP$ 3,000,000; Runner-up receives FBP$ 2,000,000; 3rd Place receives FBP$ 1,000,000; 4th Place receives FBP$ 900,000; 5th Place receives FBP$ 800,000 and so on.
You can also use the [Refer-A-Friend] functionality. When you refer to a friend and he signs up you get FBP$ 1,000,000 (5 referrals max). If your referred friend deposits at elast USD$1.00, you will receive an additional FBP$ 1,500,000 (without any referral limits).

You can also help us translate our game to your native language. We offer a range of prizes for language translation assistance. Contact us for details.

Q - How Much Can I Earn in FBP$ Dollars For Logging-in to My Account Each Day?

We suggest that you login to your FBP account each day in order to accrue free FBP$ Dollars. You can earn the following for consecutive daily logins each week:

Day 1 = FBP$ 10,000
Day 2 = FBP$ 25,000
Day 3 = FBP$ 50,000
Day 4 = FBP$ 100,000
Day 5 = FBP$ 150,000
Day 6 = FBP$ 200,000
Day 7 = FBP$ 250,000


Q - Can I Build My Own Arena?

As Team Manager you get to add components to your Arena and make improvements. For example you can increase the seating capacity, add luxury boxes, add sponsorship banners and create food and merchandising shops. The more improvements you make to your Arena the better chance you have to get a nice return on your investment when your team is on a hot streak.

Q - How Much in FBP$ Dollars does it cost to make Arena Improvements?

Arena Seats - Add seating capacity which provides a quick return on investment if you are on a winning streak. 
(1,000 Seats = FBP$ 1,000,000) 
Luxury Boxes - Luxury suites increase your earning potential. (1 Luxury Box = FBP$ 500,000)
Sponsorship Spots - Add sponsorship spots to generate additional revenue.  (10 Spots = FBP$ 100,000)
Shops - Maximize revenue opportunities with food and team merchandise. (1Stand = FBP$ 250,00)

Q - How are the Arena Ticket Sales Calculated? 

Ticket sales are calculated by the Arena Attendance x Base Ticket Value. The base individual ticket value can range from $12 - $20. Bonus dollars are added per ticket for each arena star and luxury box.

Q - How is Arena Attendance Calculated?

Arena attendance is defined by a range of factors including which league you are playing in, regular season vs. the playoffs, team standing, opposing team standing, winning streaks and arena star factor. The minimum arena capacity is 12,000 with a maximum arena capacity is 25,000.

Q - How are Arena Sponsorships Calculated?

Arena sponsorships are calculated by a range of factors including which league you are playing in and your team's final standing after the playoffs. The minimum sponsorship spots for your arena is 10 and the maximum sponsorships spots you can have is 100.

Q - How are Arena Merchandising Sales Calculated?

Arena merchandising sales is calculated using a simple formula of FBP$ 1.00 x Arena Attendance x Number of Shops. The minimum arena shops is 1 and the maximum arena shops is 10.

Q - How are Television Contracts Calculated?

The television contracts are calculated by a range of factors including:
- Regular Season:  Each game day the home team ranked 1st in each division receives FBP $100,000
- First Round of Playoffs: Each home game in the first round of the playoffs receives FBP $100,000
- Conference Semi-Finals: Each home game in the conference semi-finals of the playoffs receives FBP $200,000
- Conference Finals: Each home game in the conference finals of the playoffs receives FBP $300,000
- Championship Finals: Each home game in the championship finals of the playoffs receives FBP $550,000 
- Relegation Series: Teams that play in the FBP Relegation Series do not receive television contract dollars

Q - How many Luxury Boxes can I create?

You can create a minimum of (1) Luxury Box and a Maximum of (10) Luxury Boxes for your Arena.

Q - How are Arena and Team Expenses Calculated?

Your Arena and Team Expenses are Calculated by a range of factors including:
- Arena Maintenance = FBP $0.50 x Attendance x Arena Stars
- Arena Improvements = FBP money that was spent on improvements you made to your arena
- Player wages = FBP money that was spent on player contracts
- Taxes and Payments =  Levy of 3% per week subtracting from your positive FBP money balance
- Miscellaneous Payments =  A random amount levied between FBP $10,000 and FBP $50,000 per week
- Entry Fees = FBP money paid for entry fees on a friends league and FBP leagues.


Q - Do I receive email notifications when there is any activity with my team?

Yes, we provide email notifications for most recent activities that occur with your team. Though we encourage you to login to your account to enjoy all the benefits of having a team. Our email notifications are meant to keep you abreast when you don't have time to login. You can opt-in to these email notifications by going to your account settings.  

Q - Is there a place to view the activity across all leagues, teams and players?

Yes, if you go to the [News] tab when you login it will display all activity across all FBP leagues.

Q- Do you have Game Forums?

Yes, we provide forums on all aspects of the game. Feel free to participate in the lively conversation.

Q - Do you provide Foreign Languages for the Game?

Yes, as a global game with a worldwide community of gamers we provide several foreign languages. We plan to add more languages soon. If you would like us to add your language, please contact us to let us know.

Q - Do you provide customer support?

Yes, we provide support in a number of ways. First, you can always visit our forums to find the answers you are seeking. Second, you can contact us via live chat during the business day. Third, you can submit a support ticket where we will follow-up asap.