We have two basic league structures you can play in. The first league structure is our own FBP Championship and FBP Super Leagues. The second league structure is the ability for you to create your own league. 


Our premier league is called the Fast Break Play Championship League which features the top 32 teams across all FBP Leagues. You can think of this top league as the NBA. 

Then we have our first secondary league known as the Fast Break Play Super League which includes the best teams below our premier FBP Championship League. You can think of this first secondary league as the NBA D-League. 

Here is a diagram of our FBP Leagues.




To Join a FBP League go to [MY FBP] and click on [LEAGUES] 




After entering the FBP League your team will start in the best spot available in the system. Your objective as a team owner is to reach the top league known as the FBP Championship League featuring the best 32 teams in the system. The better leagues you compete in the better prizes you can redeem. 



The regular season consists of 15 games across 15 days. The top 4 teams in each division qualify for the playoffs. The playoffs include 4 rounds of a best of 3 series for a total of 12 days with 1 day break between each stage.

The playoff rounds include the first round, conference semi-finals, conference finals and championship finals. The total season is completed in 31 days which includes 15 days for the regular season, 12 days for the playoffs and 1 day off between the regular season and playoffs.


Teams that finish in the bottom positions in their leagues are relegated to lower leagues.


The Fast Break Play Relegation Series is for the bottom ranked teams after the regular season is complete. The bottom ranked teams (5th, 6th, 7th and 8th) after the regular season in each division in each league then play in the Fast Break Play Relegation Series. The Fast Break Play Relegation Series is to determine if the bottom ranked teams can continue to play in their current league or get demoted to a lower league for next season. 

The Fast Break Play Relegation Series will be a best of 3 series in the first round. The winner of the first round stops playing and gets to stay in his or her current league for the next season. The loser of the first round continues to play two more best of 3 series and the ultimate loser gets relegated to the lower league next season. This system allows for the top leagues to always have the best teams.

Teams that win their conferences, are promoted to the upper league. All games are played each day at 6:00 PM EST.





You can create your own league and invite friends or join a friend's league. After you login go to [MY FBP] click on [Leagues]. From here you can take the necessary steps to create your own league and choose your playoffs tournament structure.

Step 1 - Name Your League

You can choose the name for your league.


Step 2 - Add the Number of Teams

Add the number of teams to participate in your league or tournament. The minimum team is 2 and the maximum is 16 teams.


Step 3 - Invite Teams and Friends

Here you can invite currently registered FBP teams or even invite friends who do not have a FBP team. Just type their email addresses to invite them to join your league.



Step 4 - Entry Fee

Enter the amount each team has to pay as an entry fee in FBP$ Dollars to play in your league or tournament. Winner takes all.


Step 5 - Create League

Once all steps are completed, press the [Create League] button.



You can always check the status of your league invitations:

You can also change your invited teams before they accept. Once all of the invited teams accept the invitation, your league will begin.